Steve Pearce Republican (Elected 2002), NM House district 2

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Steve Pearce is a member of the House Committee on Financial Services.In the 112th Congress, Steve Pearce was a member of the House Committee on Financial Services.In the 110th Congress, Steve Pearce was a member of the House Committee on Financial Services and the House Committee on Natural Resources.In the 109th Congress, Steve Pearce was a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, the House Committee on Resources, and the House Committee on Financial Services.

Steve Pearce can be contacted at 202-225-2365.

Date Range of Contributions
Within days of their votes

Interest groups supporting or opposing a bill gave these contributions to Steve Pearce within 30 days of his vote on that bill:

Table lists the last vote on each bill in this legislator’s chamber, excluding motions to reconsider. Contributions shown through Dec 31, 2013.

ContributorInterest Group of contributorPosition of orgs in interest groupAmountDateBillVoteVote dateDays apartsort icon
Wellington, RogerRepublican/ConservativeOppose$4007/9/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0815
Wheeler, Kurt CRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3007/9/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0815
Woodhouse, MarilynRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,0007/9/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0815
Word, TimRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2507/9/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0815
Brown, CatherineRepublican/ConservativeOppose$50010/1/08 H.R. 6899 (110th) No9/16/0815
Citizens UnitedRepublican/ConservativeSupport$1,0006/26/11 H.R. 2417 (112th) Yes7/12/1115
Hobbs, Nancy ERepublican/ConservativeSupport$3759/29/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/1115
Mueller, Philip MRepublican/ConservativeSupport$5009/29/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/1115
Hutchison, William LRepublican/ConservativeSupport$1,0009/28/12 H.R. 6213 (112th) Yes9/14/1215
Simon, Allen HRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3001/23/11 H.R. 514 (112th) Yes2/8/1115
Kleiner, Walter HRepublican/ConservativeSupport$2502/22/11 H.R. 830 (112th) Yes3/10/1115
Kleiner, Walter HRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2502/22/11 H.R. 514 (112th) Yes2/8/1115
Orr, Zandra JRestaurants & drinking establishmentsSupport$2259/29/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/1115
Sommer, KurtAttorneys & law firmsSupport$50011/28/07 H.R. 3013 (110th) Yes11/13/0716
Duncan, Gary LAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2009/23/08 S. 2450 (110th) Yes9/8/0816
Johnson, NilsAttorneys & law firmsSupport$3509/23/08 S. 2450 (110th) Yes9/8/0816
Luthi, Randall BAttorneys & law firmsSupport$5009/25/11 H.R. 3080 (112th) Yes10/12/1116
Pueblo Of AcomaIndian GamingOppose$5008/27/06 H.R. 4893 (109th) Yes9/13/0616
Pueblo Of IsletaIndian GamingOppose$2,1008/27/06 H.R. 4893 (109th) Yes9/13/0616
Pueblo Of JemezIndian GamingOppose$6008/27/06 H.R. 4893 (109th) Yes9/13/0616
Pueblo Of LagunaIndian GamingOppose$1,0008/27/06 H.R. 4893 (109th) Yes9/13/0616
Pueblo Of PojoaqueIndian GamingOppose$6008/27/06 H.R. 4893 (109th) Yes9/13/0616
Pueblo Of San FelipeIndian GamingOppose$3008/27/06 H.R. 4893 (109th) Yes9/13/0616
Pueblo Of SandiaIndian GamingOppose$5008/27/06 H.R. 4893 (109th) Yes9/13/0616
Saginaw Chippewa Indian TribeIndian GamingOppose$1,0009/28/06 H.R. 4893 (109th) Yes9/13/0616
PricewaterhousecoopersAccountantsSupport$2,00011/18/13 H.R. 3309 (113th) Yes12/5/1316
Raytheon CoDefense electronic contractorsSupport$1,0005/9/11 H.R. 1540 (112th) Yes5/26/1116
Bussell, Richard CMilitarySupport$5004/23/08 S. 793 (110th) Yes4/8/0816
Gulley, Linda NProperty & casualty insuranceSupport$5009/25/11 H.R. 3080 (112th) Yes10/12/1116
Investment Co InstituteSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$1,0006/6/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) No6/23/1116
Mcmillan, RandyReal estate agentsSupport$2006/29/07 H.R. 1982 (110th) Yes7/16/0716
Donisthorpe, Christine AReal estate agentsSupport$2506/1/08 H.R. 6124 (110th) Yes6/18/0816
Parsons CorpEngineering, architecture & construction mgmt svcsOppose$1,0002/26/07 H.R. 1362 (110th) No3/15/0716
Thom, Ric HFinance, Insurance & Real EstateSupport$2,6009/29/13 H.R. 2775 (113th) No10/16/1316
Bennett, HdFinance, Insurance & Real EstateSupport$2,6009/29/13 H.R. 2775 (113th) No10/16/1316
Ace Cash ExpressBanks & lending institutionsSupport$1,0006/5/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0816
Spencer, Samuel S JrBanks & lending institutionsSupport$1,0006/3/13 H.R. 1947 (113th) Yes6/20/1316
Peters, Barry AOil & GasOppose$1,0008/15/07 H.R. 2831 (110th) No7/31/0716
Nix, Ralph JrOil & GasOppose$5003/13/08 H.R. 5351 (110th) No2/27/0816
Westall, G RayOil & GasOppose$8003/13/08 H.R. 5351 (110th) No2/27/0816
Westall, G RayOil & GasOppose$2003/13/08 H.R. 5351 (110th) No2/27/0816
Bell, John DOil & GasOppose$5008/31/08 H.R. 6899 (110th) No9/16/0816
Thigpen, Donald ROil & GasOppose$1,0008/31/08 H.R. 6899 (110th) No9/16/0816
Bell, John DOil & GasSupport$2508/10/11 H.R. 1938 (112th) Yes7/26/1116
Parish, John RIndependent oil & gas producersOppose$5006/9/08 H.R. 6251 (110th) No6/26/0816
Hill, MikeIndependent oil & gas producersOppose$2008/1/08 H.R. 6515 (110th) No7/17/0816
Pierce, Barrett WIndependent oil & gas producersOppose$1,0008/31/08 H.R. 6899 (110th) No9/16/0816
Strickler, James RIndependent oil & gas producersOppose$3008/1/08 H.R. 6515 (110th) No7/17/0816
Strickter, James RIndependent oil & gas producersOppose$25010/3/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0816
Shell OilMajor (multinational) oil & gas producersOppose$1,0006/29/08 H.R. 415 (110th) No7/16/0816
Chevron CorpMajor (multinational) oil & gas producersSupport$1,0006/6/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) No6/23/1116
Bruerd, Charles EOther physician specialistsSupport$5006/28/08 H.R. 6331 (110th) No vote7/15/0816
Fenner, HalPhysiciansSupport$50011/2/07 H.R. 976 (110th) No10/18/0716
Ramage, ThomasPhysiciansSupport$50010/8/08 H.R. 6983 (110th) Yes9/23/0816
American Bankers AssnCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$1,0006/24/13 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes7/11/1316
King, David WCivil servant/public employeeSupport$1,00010/28/07 H.R. 1593 (110th) Yes11/13/0716
Leavell, Carroll HCivil servant/public employeeSupport$1,0004/22/08 H.R. 1512 (110th) Yes5/8/0816
Baran, JamesCivil servant/public employeeSupport$5006/8/08 H.R. 3546 (110th) Yes6/25/0816
Hillard, KimCivil servant/public employeeSupport$4006/1/08 H.R. 6124 (110th) Yes6/18/0816
Ingle, StuartCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2508/13/08 H.R. 2192 (110th) No vote7/29/0816
Bursum, HolmLivestockOppose$1,00011/8/07 H.R. 1483 (110th) No10/24/0716
Berry, LibbyLivestockOppose$22510/7/07 H.R. 1483 (110th) No10/24/0716
Sims, AlineLivestockSupport$2506/1/08 H.R. 6124 (110th) Yes6/18/0816
Rabon, JeffreyLivestockSupport$1,0008/8/12 H.R. 4157 (112th) Yes7/23/1216
Rabon, TimLivestockSupport$1,0008/8/12 H.R. 4157 (112th) Yes7/23/1216
Rabon, RandalLivestockSupport$1,0008/8/12 H.R. 4157 (112th) Yes7/23/1216
Sterling, LauraLivestockSupport$5006/3/13 H.R. 1947 (113th) Yes6/20/1316
Swenson, Barry NLivestockSupport$5006/3/13 H.R. 1947 (113th) Yes6/20/1316
Mershon, William FLivestockSupport$1,0006/18/13 S. 622 (113th) Yes6/3/1316
Dairy Farmers Of AmericaMilk & dairy producersSupport$2,0006/26/11 H.R. 2018 (112th) Yes7/13/1116
Comcast CorpCable & satellite TV production & distributionSupport$1,0006/6/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) No6/23/1116
Mckelvey, Stephen JCable & satellite TV production & distributionSupport$3009/24/13 H.R. 2844 (113th) Yes9/9/1316
Wallach, Robert RayStone, clay, glass & concrete productsSupport$2,3008/17/07 H.R. 3248 (110th) Yes8/1/0716
Thomas, Gillis (ggf)Republican/ConservativeOppose$1,2506/8/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0816
Alton, DuaneRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2507/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Andersen, K TRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,0007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Anderson, Dana KRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Archer, Van HRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Atkinson, PaulRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Barthel, Scott BRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,0009/1/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0816
Berenson, HaroldRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2009/1/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0816
Binder, StephenRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,0007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Bondoux, JamesRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Brooks, B VRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Bryant, AnthonyRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2507/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Buchwald, James PRepublican/ConservativeOppose$7507/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Burdick, Thomas JRepublican/ConservativeOppose$3007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Cicero, JosephRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Clark, Richard GRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Cochran, Elizabeth KRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5008/31/08 H.R. 6899 (110th) No9/16/0816
Conrades, GeorgeRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Crossman, Robert HRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Deaton, WilliamRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Dyke, DavidRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Ellis, NormaRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,0007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Ellis, Hayne IiiRepublican/ConservativeOppose$3008/31/08 H.R. 6899 (110th) No9/16/0816
Frese, Michael HRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3009/1/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0816
Geary, RichardRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,0007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Graham, Irene WRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Graham, Thomas CRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Hanchey, Lewis ARepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Hayden, Rufus LRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3008/31/08 H.R. 6899 (110th) No9/16/0816
Hesse, ArlanRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5008/31/08 H.R. 6899 (110th) No9/16/0816
James, John HRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Jones, GilbertRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Kadlec, Charles WRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Kirke, Gerald MRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3008/31/08 H.R. 6899 (110th) No9/16/0816
Klinger, Oliver C IiiRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2009/1/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0816
Kohler, RuthRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2008/31/08 H.R. 6899 (110th) No9/16/0816
Kuhn, Anne CRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Lowney, JohnRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Macneil, David BRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,0007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Maldonado, W ERepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,0007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Marshall, John FRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Mielke, FrederickRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,0007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Moore, Joseph HRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2008/31/08 H.R. 6899 (110th) No9/16/0816
Obrien, PatriciaRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2508/31/08 H.R. 6899 (110th) No9/16/0816
Orr, San W JrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Patterson, ThomasRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Peay, Nicholas JrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Pierce, BeverlyRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Quayle, Corinne PRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Reigle, GordonRepublican/ConservativeOppose$7507/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Robinson, Theodore GRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2507/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Sennett, DavidRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2507/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Simkowitz, Isidore BRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Simon, Allen HRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Singleton, J KRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Soper, A TRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Taylor, Hollis MRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,0007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Tingle, Bradford ARepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Trulio, DavidRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5008/31/08 H.R. 6899 (110th) No9/16/0816
Walmer, EdwinRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Ward, Myra BRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3008/31/08 H.R. 6899 (110th) No9/16/0816
Wellington, RogerRepublican/ConservativeOppose$4007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Wheeler, Kurt CRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Woodhouse, MarilynRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,0007/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Word, TimRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2507/9/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0816
Citizens UnitedRepublican/ConservativeSupport$1,0003/15/12 H.R. 1837 (112th) Yes2/29/1216
Kleiner, Walter HRepublican/ConservativeSupport$2502/22/11 H.R. 836 (112th) Yes3/11/1116
Yates, Jo AnnRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,5003/12/12 H.R. 4239 (112th) No3/28/1216
Key, CharlesSchools & collegesSupport$2005/18/07 H.R. 1867 (110th) Yes5/2/0716
Mcvay, MichaelEmployer listed but category unknownSupport$1,0008/8/07 H.R. 2630 (110th) Yes7/23/0717
Addison, RobertPharmacistsSupport$2007/31/08 H.R. 6331 (110th) No vote7/15/0817
Smith, Gregory AAttorneys & law firmsSupport$5009/28/07 H.R. 2102 (110th) Yes10/16/0717
Wheeler, John DAttorneys & law firmsOppose$2507/18/07 S. 1927 (110th) Yes8/4/0717
American Financial Services AssnCredit agencies & finance companiesSupport$1,0006/5/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) No6/23/1117
Fritschy, David MAccountantsSupport$5005/1/08 H.R. 5719 (110th) No4/15/0817
Tracy, Flora LAccountantsSupport$5005/1/08 H.R. 5719 (110th) No4/15/0817
Caven, Jerry LReal estate agentsSupport$2003/14/08 H.R. 5351 (110th) No2/27/0817
Stewart, Chester FFuneral servicesSupport$50012/18/11 H.R. 3010 (112th) Yes12/2/1117
Taylor, Steven BComputer softwareSupport$2,3009/10/08 S. 3325 (110th) Yes9/28/0817
Dow ChemicalChemicalsSupport$1,0009/11/08 S. 906 (110th) Yes9/29/0817
Nalco Holding CoChemicalsSupport$50010/15/08 S. 906 (110th) Yes9/29/0817
Pinnacle West CapitalElectric Power utilitiesSupport$1,0003/8/12 H.R. 2682 (112th) Yes3/26/1217
Pnm ResourcesElectric Power utilitiesSupport$4,0009/25/11 H.R. 2250 (112th) Yes10/13/1117
Willis, RayOilfield service, equipment & explorationSupport$2,6007/14/13 H.R. 2231 (113th) Yes6/28/1317
Valero EnergyPetroleum refining & marketingSupport$5,0006/4/06 H.R. 5386 (109th) Yes5/18/0617
Antweil, BarryFabricated metal productsSupport$5009/28/12 H.R. 5865 (112th) No9/12/1217
Hewitt, Robert JOil & GasOppose$2506/29/08 H.R. 6515 (110th) No7/17/0817
Rhodes, TobinOil & GasOppose$2008/2/08 H.R. 6515 (110th) No7/17/0817
Rhodes, TobinOil & GasOppose$25010/3/08 H.R. 6899 (110th) No9/16/0817
Henry, James COil & GasSupport$2,5006/3/12 H.R. 4480 (112th) Yes6/21/1217
Henry, Paula AOil & GasSupport$2,5006/3/12 H.R. 4480 (112th) Yes6/21/1217
Daubert, MitchOil & GasSupport$5007/14/13 H.R. 1582 (113th) Yes8/1/1317
Daubert, MitchOil & GasSupport$5007/14/13 H.R. 2231 (113th) Yes6/28/1317
Pierce, Barrett WIndependent oil & gas producersOppose$1,0008/31/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0817
Strickter, James RIndependent oil & gas producersOppose$25010/3/08 H.R. 6899 (110th) No9/16/0817
Loveless, LucindaIndependent oil & gas producersSupport$5006/3/12 H.R. 4480 (112th) Yes6/21/1217
Williams, Clayton W JrIndependent oil & gas producersSupport$2,5006/3/12 H.R. 4480 (112th) Yes6/21/1217
Merrell, MichaelHome care servicesSupport$1,0007/31/08 H.R. 6331 (110th) No vote7/15/0817
Fenner, HalPhysicians$1,0008/17/07 H.R. 3162 (110th) No8/1/0717
Duncan, DonnPhysiciansSupport$20010/9/08 H.R. 6983 (110th) Yes9/23/0817
Crawford, EverettCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$1,00010/14/12 S. 743 (112th) Yes9/27/1217
Property Casualty Insurers Assn/americaInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$1,0007/9/07 H.R. 2419 (110th) No7/27/0717
Martin, BettyLivestockOppose$2503/23/08 H.Res. 1092 (110th) No4/10/0817
Smith, J AlbinMilk & dairy producersSupport$3005/3/08 H.R. 2419 (110th) Yes5/21/0817
Smith, J AlbinMilk & dairy producersSupport$7005/3/08 H.R. 2419 (110th) Yes5/21/0817
Horton, DeanMilk & dairy producersSupport$2,3005/31/08 H.R. 6124 (110th) Yes6/18/0817
National Mining AssnMiningSupport$1,0006/11/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0617
Farm Credit CouncilAgricultural services & related industriesSupport$5,0002/13/11 H.R. 4 (112th) Yes3/3/1117
Urs Corp/washingtonPublic works, industrial & commercial constructionSupport$1,0002/25/07 H.R. 1362 (110th) No3/15/0717
Bent, Bruce RRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3002/8/08 H.R. 3963 (110th) No1/23/0817
Cochran, Elizabeth KRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5008/31/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0817
Dilworth, Nelson SRepublican/ConservativeOppose$4007/11/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0817
Ellis, Hayne IiiRepublican/ConservativeOppose$3008/31/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0817
Hayden, Rufus LRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3008/31/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0817
Hesse, ArlanRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5008/31/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0817
Kirke, Gerald MRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3008/31/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0817
Kohler, RuthRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2008/31/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0817
Moore, Joseph HRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2008/31/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0817
Obrien, PatriciaRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2508/31/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0817
Trulio, DavidRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5008/31/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0817
Ward, Myra BRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3008/31/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0817
Hobbs, Nancy ERepublican/ConservativeOppose$3759/29/11 H.R. 2887 (112th) Yes9/12/1117
Mueller, Philip MRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5009/29/11 H.R. 2887 (112th) Yes9/12/1117
Hutchison, William LRepublican/Conservative$1,0009/28/12 H.R. 5949 (112th) Yes9/12/1217
Yue, Sarah PHospitalsSupport$1,0008/28/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/1117
Key, CharlesSchools & collegesSupport$2005/18/07 H.R. 1469 (110th) Yes6/5/0717
Key, CharlesSchools & collegesSupport$2005/18/07 H.R. 1429 (110th) Yes5/2/0717
Stevens, DavidAttorneys & law firmsSupport$20011/2/07 H.R. 2102 (110th) Yes10/16/0718
Mccaw, Norbert MEnergy production & distributionSupport$2505/2/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0818
Taylor, Richard CAccountantsSupport$5005/2/08 H.R. 5719 (110th) No4/15/0818
PricewaterhousecoopersAccountantsSupport$3,0007/25/13 H.R. 1564 (113th) Yes7/8/1318
National Thoroughbred Racing AssnCasinos, racetracks & gamblingOppose$2,0005/21/06 H.R. 4954 (109th) Yes5/4/0618
Mcfarland, Keldon LMilitarySupport$20010/10/08 S. 1315 (110th) Yes9/22/0818
Windstream CommunicationsTelephone utilitiesSupport$1,00012/22/13 H.R. 3309 (113th) Yes12/5/1318
At&t IncTelephone utilitiesSupport$1,0009/26/13 H.R. 2844 (113th) Yes9/9/1318
Cortese, NickReal estate agentsSupport$1,00011/26/07 H.R. 3355 (110th) No11/8/0718
Fallon, EmmetReal estate agentsSupport$1,00011/26/07 H.R. 3355 (110th) No11/8/0718
Badovinac, GregCredit unionsOppose$2153/27/08 H.R. 5719 (110th) No4/15/0818
Bennett, H DFinance, Insurance & Real EstateSupport$7005/2/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0818
Bennett, H DFinance, Insurance & Real EstateSupport$3005/2/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0818
Kidd, DonBanks & lending institutionsSupport$5005/12/07 H.R. 1332 (110th) Yes4/25/0718
National Multi Housing CouncilReal Estate developers & subdividersOppose$2,0007/8/12 H.R. 4480 (112th) Yes6/21/1218
Birner, DavidChemicalsSupport$20010/16/08 S. 906 (110th) Yes9/29/0818
Pnm ResourcesElectric Power utilitiesSupport$4,0009/25/11 H.R. 2273 (112th) Yes10/14/1118
Willis, RayOilfield service, equipment & explorationSupport$2,6007/14/13 H.R. 1613 (113th) Yes6/27/1318
Caudle, RobertOil & GasOppose$5008/17/07 H.R. 2831 (110th) No7/31/0718
Daubert, MitchOil & GasSupport$5007/14/13 H.R. 1613 (113th) Yes6/27/1318
Spear, NelsonIndependent oil & gas producersOppose$1,9407/13/08 H.R. 6251 (110th) No6/26/0818
Spear, ShaneIndependent oil & gas producersOppose$3597/13/08 H.R. 6251 (110th) No6/26/0818
American Bankers AssnCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$2,0006/20/12 H.R. 4367 (112th) Yes7/9/1218
Harper, Justin WCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$1,00010/15/12 S. 743 (112th) Yes9/27/1218
National Rural Electric Cooperative AssnRural electric cooperativesSupport$1,00010/31/11 H.R. 2273 (112th) Yes10/14/1118
Pedicini, John MCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2008/15/08 H.R. 2192 (110th) No vote7/29/0818
Harvey, E PLivestockOppose$2509/24/06 H.R. 503 (109th) No9/7/0618
Grau, WesleyLivestockSupport$5005/2/08 H.R. 2419 (110th) Yes5/21/0818
Medlin, DonnaLivestockOppose$2504/27/08 H.Res. 1092 (110th) No4/10/0818
Rabon, TimLivestockSupport$1,0008/19/13 H.R. 367 (113th) Yes8/2/1318
Lee, Don LLivestockSupport$1,0008/19/13 H.R. 367 (113th) Yes8/2/1318
Hanson, SteveMilk & dairy producersSupport$5005/2/08 H.R. 2419 (110th) Yes5/21/0818
Aubiel, William CMiningSupport$20010/16/08 S. 906 (110th) Yes9/29/0818
Cappeta, James LMiningSupport$20010/16/08 S. 906 (110th) Yes9/29/0818
Kinney, StephenMiningSupport$20010/16/08 S. 906 (110th) Yes9/29/0818
Klingler, James DMiningSupport$20010/16/08 S. 906 (110th) Yes9/29/0818
Mccartney, CynthiaMiningSupport$20010/16/08 S. 906 (110th) Yes9/29/0818
Putsock, Robert LMiningSupport$20010/16/08 S. 906 (110th) Yes9/29/0818
Shuman, CraigMiningSupport$20010/16/08 S. 906 (110th) Yes9/29/0818
Trump, GaryMiningSupport$20010/16/08 S. 906 (110th) Yes9/29/0818
Wallach, Robert RayStone, clay, glass & concrete productsOppose$2,3008/17/07 H.R. 2831 (110th) No7/31/0718
Pidutti, Joseph APublic works, industrial & commercial constructionSupport$2009/7/08 H.R. 7110 (110th) No9/26/0818
Saulsbury, CrPublic works, industrial & commercial constructionSupport$25012/30/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) Yes12/13/1118
Schluter, Fredric E JrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2005/2/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0818
Zielke, RobertRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,0005/2/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0818
Bent, Bruce RRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3002/8/08 H.R. 5351 (110th) No2/27/0818
Dilworth, Nelson SRepublican/ConservativeOppose$4007/11/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0818
Downey, James BRepublican/ConservativeOppose$20010/5/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0818
Keyston, David HRepublican/ConservativeOppose$20010/5/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0818
Kleiner, Walter HRepublican/ConservativeSupport$2502/25/12 H.R. 3521 (112th) Yes2/8/1218
Yue, Jaw SRestaurants & drinking establishmentsOppose$1,0008/17/07 H.R. 2831 (110th) No7/31/0718
Tinsley, Edward R IiiRestaurants & drinking establishmentsOppose$1,0008/17/08 H.R. 1338 (110th) No7/31/0818
Henry, Paula ASchools & collegesSupport$2,3005/13/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes4/26/1318
National Right To Work CmteLabor, anti-unionSupport$-1004/30/13 H.R. 1120 (113th) Yes4/12/1319
Smith, ArmandReal estateOppose$1,00011/27/07 H.R. 3996 (110th) No11/9/0719
Davis, WilliamAttorneys & law firmsSupport$1,00010/24/07 H.R. 3013 (110th) Yes11/13/0719
Villella, Patrick SAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2509/26/08 S. 2450 (110th) Yes9/8/0819
Palla, Linda MsGeneral commerceSupport$2,0004/13/06 H.R. 4975 (109th) Yes5/3/0619
Harrington, Gerald EEnergy production & distributionSupport$5005/1/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0819
Witt, Frank OMedical supplies manufacturing & salesSupport$2505/1/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0819
Rogers, Kenneth NConstruction, unclassifiedSupport$1,0008/12/13 H.R. 2218 (113th) Yes7/25/1319
Minter, Kathryn LFinancial services & consultingSupport$2506/8/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0819
Loews CorpProperty & casualty insuranceSupport$1,0004/25/12 H.R. 1864 (112th) Yes5/14/1219
Cockrell, Ernest (ggf) HSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$2506/8/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0819
Securities Industry & Financial Mkt AssnSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$1,0005/7/12 H.R. 9 (112th) Yes4/19/1219
Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunicationsSupport$1,0006/8/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/28/0519
Holmes, Ned (ggf) SReal estate agentsSupport$1,2506/8/08 H.R. 2419 (110th) Yes5/21/0819
Holmes, Ned (ggf) SReal estate agentsSupport$1,2506/8/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0819
Koch IndustriesPetroleum refining & marketingSupport$1,0005/23/11 H.R. 1230 (112th) Yes5/5/1119
Thomasson, M RayOil & GasOppose$5006/4/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0819
Cone, CliffordOil & GasOppose$1,30010/5/08 H.R. 6899 (110th) No9/16/0819
Occidental PetroleumMajor (multinational) oil & gas producersSupport$1,0003/6/12 H.R. 2779 (112th) Yes3/26/1219
Wenner, Laurie PPhysiciansSupport$5006/17/12 H.R. 5651 (112th) Yes5/30/1219
National Air Traffic Controllers AssnAir transport unionsOppose$5,00012/29/07 H.R. 1413 (110th) Yes12/11/0719
National Cotton CouncilCottonSupport$1,0007/8/13 H.R. 1947 (113th) Yes6/20/1319
American Bankers AssnCommercial banks & bank holding companiesOppose$1,0005/17/07 H.R. 964 (110th) No6/6/0719
Independent Community Bankers Of AmericaCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$1,0003/26/12 H.R. 3606 (112th) Yes3/8/1219
Hartgraves, MarilynInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$5005/1/08 H.R. 2419 (110th) Yes5/21/0819
Hartgraves, MarilynInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$5005/1/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0819
Indep Insurance Agents & Brokers/americaInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$1,0005/7/12 H.R. 9 (112th) Yes4/19/1219
Blackman, Thomas RCivil servant/public employeeSupport$25010/25/07 H.R. 1593 (110th) Yes11/13/0719
Branch RanchLivestockSupport$1,0008/14/07 H.R. 2419 (110th) No7/27/0719
Field, DanLivestockSupport$5008/14/07 H.R. 2419 (110th) No7/27/0719
Field, GlendaLivestockSupport$5008/14/07 H.R. 2419 (110th) No7/27/0719
Burrus, TommyLivestockOppose$2504/28/08 H.Res. 1092 (110th) No4/10/0819
Marley, Michael WLivestockSupport$5005/1/08 H.R. 2419 (110th) Yes5/21/0819
Pitchfork LivestockLivestockSupport$5005/1/08 H.R. 2419 (110th) Yes5/21/0819
Brininstool, ChristineLivestockSupport$2,3007/10/08 H.R. 6432 (110th) Yes7/30/0819
Carter, Alva CMilk & dairy producersSupport$1,00011/26/07 H.R. 3688 (110th) Yes11/8/0719
Goff, BusterMilk & dairy producersSupport$2,00011/26/07 H.R. 3688 (110th) Yes11/8/0719
Daale, EricMilk & dairy producersSupport$1,00011/26/07 H.R. 3688 (110th) Yes11/8/0719
Smith, J AMilk & dairy producersSupport$2,00011/26/07 H.R. 3688 (110th) Yes11/8/0719
Oppliger, DonMilk & dairy producersSupport$1,00011/26/07 H.R. 3688 (110th) Yes11/8/0719
Dussen, Randy VMilk & dairy producersSupport$2,00011/26/07 H.R. 3688 (110th) Yes11/8/0719
Dussen, Sybrand VMilk & dairy producersSupport$1,00011/26/07 H.R. 3688 (110th) Yes11/8/0719
Boersma, AndyMilk & dairy producersSupport$1,0005/1/08 H.R. 2419 (110th) Yes5/21/0819
Bruin, D EMilk & dairy producersSupport$2505/1/08 H.R. 2419 (110th) Yes5/21/0819
Horton, FrancesMilk & dairy producersSupport$80010/6/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0819
Graham, RobertRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,00011/12/07 H.R. 3963 (110th) No10/25/0719
Watson, StevenRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,00011/12/07 H.R. 3963 (110th) No10/25/0719
Beres, Jane CRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2005/1/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0819
Bryant, AnthonyRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2505/1/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0819
Eckert, Claire CRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3005/1/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0819
Gamer, Ronnie JRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2005/1/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0819
Houston, JamesRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3005/1/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0819
Johnson, S P BRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2505/1/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0819
Marshall, John FRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,2005/1/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0819
Marley, BillRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5005/1/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0819
Robinson, Edward NRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2505/1/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0819
Robinson, Theodore GRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5005/1/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0819
Simon, Allen HRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5005/1/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0819
Webster, Dean KRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,0005/1/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0819
Thomas, Gillis (ggf)Republican/ConservativeOppose$1,2506/8/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0819
Appell, LouisRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5007/13/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0819
Bent, Nancy ARepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3007/13/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0819
Brehmer, SusanRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3007/13/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0819
Butler, RayRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/13/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0819
Crouch, RogerRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,0007/13/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0819
Hajduk, MaryannRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/13/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0819
Hellman, ArthurRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/13/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0819
Johnston, Donald DRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,0007/13/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0819
Mcdaniel, NeilRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2507/13/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0819
Ricci, MichaelRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/13/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0819
Downey, James BRepublican/ConservativeOppose$20010/5/08 H.R. 6899 (110th) No9/16/0819
Keyston, David HRepublican/ConservativeOppose$20010/5/08 H.R. 6899 (110th) No9/16/0819
Kleiner, Walter HRepublican/ConservativeSupport$2502/25/12 H.R. 3581 (112th) Yes2/7/1219
Kleiner, Walter HRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2502/25/12 H.R. 1734 (112th) Yes2/7/1219
Mcdonald, HenryTrucking companies & servicesSupport$1,0005/1/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0819
Orr, Zandra JRestaurants & drinking establishmentsSupport$2506/21/12 H.R. 6079 (112th) Yes7/11/1219
Gaudette, GregoryAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2506/2/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) No6/23/1120
Pattison, O HCrop production & basic processingSupport$4006/3/12 H.R. 1864 (112th) Yes5/14/1220
Capital One FinancialCredit agencies & finance companiesSupport$1,0006/2/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) No6/23/1120
Harrington, Gerald EEnergy production & distributionSupport$2508/15/07 H.R. 2419 (110th) No7/27/0720
Yates, George MEnergy production & distributionSupport$1,0007/17/13 H.R. 2231 (113th) Yes6/28/1320
Lynch, Cindy KConstruction, unclassifiedSupport$5006/3/12 H.R. 3534 (112th) Yes5/14/1220
Fields, Jim LReal estate agentsOppose$1,0002/11/08 H.R. 3959 (110th) Yes1/23/0820
Lovell, Carole PReal estate agentsSupport$5002/6/08 H.R. 5351 (110th) No2/27/0820
Vickers, CathyReal estate agentsSupport$2508/21/12 H.R. 4264 (112th) Yes9/11/1220
Hahn, Susan MReal estate agentsSupport$2008/21/12 H.R. 4264 (112th) Yes9/11/1220
Burpo, RobFinance, Insurance & Real EstateSupport$1,0004/30/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0820
Bennett, H DFinance, Insurance & Real EstateOppose$75010/12/08 H.R. 5244 (110th) No9/23/0820
Kidd, DonBanks & lending institutionsSupport$7004/30/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0820
Kidd, DonBanks & lending institutionsSupport$3004/30/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0820
Salazar, AngelOilfield service, equipment & explorationSupport$2,6006/26/13 H.R. 2667 (113th) Yes7/17/1320
Terrell, PattyOil & GasOppose$2503/17/08 H.R. 5351 (110th) No2/27/0820
Scott, LarryIndependent oil & gas producersSupport$2507/18/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0620
Jornayvaz, RobertNon-metallic miningOppose$2,30012/26/07 H.R. 2768 (110th) No1/16/0820
Marathon OilMajor (multinational) oil & gas producersSupport$4,0006/9/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0820
Marathon OilMajor (multinational) oil & gas producersSupport$1,0006/29/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes7/20/0620
Weaver, WilliamPhysiciansSupport$1,0006/24/08 H.R. 6331 (110th) No vote7/15/0820
Kosarek, Cheryl APhysiciansSupport$25010/12/08 H.R. 6983 (110th) Yes9/23/0820
Independent Community Bankers Of AmericaCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$1,0003/18/07 H.R. 1066 (110th) Yes2/27/0720
Bank Of AmericaCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$2,5006/3/12 H.R. 1864 (112th) Yes5/14/1220
Property Casualty Insurers Assn/americaInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$1,0006/4/07 H.R. 1065 (110th) Yes6/25/0720
Means, OranInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$5004/30/08 H.R. 2419 (110th) Yes5/21/0820
Means, OranInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$5004/30/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0820
Stroud, SteveInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$2507/28/08 H.R. 4461 (110th) Yes7/9/0820
Stroud, SteveInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$5007/30/13 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes7/11/1320
Biad, April BFood and kindred products manufacturingSupport$5007/18/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0620
Honeywell InternationalIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$1,00010/30/13 H.R. 2728 (113th) Yes11/20/1320
Dow, DavidCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2506/4/08 H.R. 3546 (110th) Yes6/25/0820
Johnson, Judy GCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2,3006/23/08 S. 231 (110th) Yes7/14/0820
Burrus, TommyLivestockSupport$5006/9/08 H.R. 2419 (110th) Yes5/21/0820
Field, GlendaLivestockSupport$2,0006/9/08 H.R. 2419 (110th) Yes5/21/0820
Schweers, MarianneLivestockSupport$2506/9/08 H.R. 2419 (110th) Yes5/21/0820
Pearce, FredLivestockSupport$5008/12/12 H.R. 4157 (112th) Yes7/23/1220
Marley-mccrea, LauraleaLivestockSupport$1,0007/30/13 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes7/11/1320
Breedyk, Jessie MrsMilk & dairy producersSupport$2507/18/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0620
Idsinga, DebbieMilk & dairy producersSupport$2507/18/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0620
Boersma, TedMilk & dairy producersSupport$2,00011/27/07 H.R. 3688 (110th) Yes11/8/0720
Daale, EricMilk & dairy producersOppose$3004/29/08 H.Res. 1092 (110th) No4/10/0820
Daale, TamiMilk & dairy producersOppose$7004/29/08 H.Res. 1092 (110th) No4/10/0820
Dale, J KAgricultural services & related industriesSupport$25010/7/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0820
Cudahy, George FStone, clay, glass & concrete productsSupport$50011/9/11 H.R. 3094 (112th) Yes11/30/1120
Hurt, Allen DrHealth, Education & Human ResourcesOppose$1,0008/20/12 H.R. 8 (112th) Yes8/1/1220
Brehmer, John RRepublican/ConservativeSupport$5007/18/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0620
Legacy Political FundRepublican/ConservativeOppose$258/27/08 H.R. 6899 (110th) No9/16/0820
Carruthers, KentRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,50011/13/07 H.R. 3963 (110th) No10/25/0720
Graham, RobertRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,00011/12/07 H.R. 1483 (110th) No10/24/0720
Watson, StevenRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,00011/12/07 H.R. 1483 (110th) No10/24/0720
Mayer, George LRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2504/30/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0820
Peters, Lovett CRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,0004/30/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0820
Tenzer, LeeRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5003/17/08 H.R. 5351 (110th) No2/27/0820
Appell, LouisRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5007/13/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0820
Bent, Nancy ARepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3007/13/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0820
Boyd, DonRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,0037/14/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0820
Brehmer, SusanRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3007/13/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0820
Butler, RayRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/13/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0820
Carson, William CRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3007/14/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0820
Crouch, RogerRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,0007/13/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0820
Dekay, JeanetteRepublican/ConservativeOppose$3507/14/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0820
George, LelandRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/14/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0820
Hajduk, MaryannRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/13/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0820
Harbert, Norman CRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5007/14/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0820
Hellman, ArthurRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/13/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0820
Hollingsworth, Ellen MRepublican/ConservativeOppose$4007/14/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0820
Johnson, GlenRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/14/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0820
Johnston, Donald DRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,0007/13/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0820
Kleiner, Walter HRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5007/14/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0820
Livingston, Stanley JrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2507/14/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0820
Macfarland, Lanning JrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$3007/14/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0820
Mazur, MichaelRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/14/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0820
Mcdaniel, NeilRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2507/13/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0820
Mitchell, Robert FRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2507/14/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0820
Offerdahl, Richard ERepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3007/14/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0820
Ricci, MichaelRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/13/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0820
Serio, PatriciaRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/14/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0820
Sommer, Charles IiiRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2507/14/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0820
Thomas, StephenRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5007/14/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0820
Wiechmann, James LRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/14/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0820
Willaman, VerneRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5007/14/08 H.R. 2176 (110th) No6/25/0820
Arehart, Mary FRepublican/ConservativeOppose$25010/7/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0820
Connole, JeffRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,30010/7/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0820
Hooper, Bruce HRepublican/ConservativeOppose$40010/7/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0820
Langer, HarryRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,50010/7/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0820
Mersereau, Terri SRepublican/ConservativeOppose$25010/7/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0820
Ikard, Gloria JRepublican/ConservativeSupport$1,0002/8/12 H.R. 1837 (112th) Yes2/29/1220
Brownell, GaryAttorneys & law firmsSupport$5008/17/08 S. 2450 (110th) Yes9/8/0821
Cavin, Sealy H JrAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2,3008/17/08 S. 2450 (110th) Yes9/8/0821
Greaves, CraigAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2509/28/08 S. 2450 (110th) Yes9/8/0821
Keleher, WilliamAttorneys & law firmsSupport$5009/28/08 S. 2450 (110th) Yes9/8/0821
Stratton, Harold JrAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2509/28/08 S. 2450 (110th) Yes9/8/0821
Westall, G RayPro-Guns$2,50010/25/11 H.R. 822 (112th) Yes11/16/1121
Brunson, LauraGeneral commerceOppose$2,3008/20/07 H.R. 2831 (110th) No7/31/0721
Simpson, LacyCrop production & basic processingSupport$50010/23/06 H.R. 5602 (109th) Yes11/13/0621
Yates, George MEnergy production & distributionSupport$1,0007/17/13 H.R. 1613 (113th) Yes6/27/1321
Ernst & YoungAccountantsSupport$2,0007/28/13 H.R. 1564 (113th) Yes7/8/1321
Raytheon CoDefense electronic contractorsSupport$1,0005/9/11 S. 1082 (112th) Yes5/31/1121
Minter, Kathryn LFinancial services & consultingSupport$2504/29/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0821
Boyd, W WEngineering, architecture & construction mgmt svcsSupport$2502/13/07 H.R. 569 (110th) Yes3/7/0721
Thom, Ric HFinance, Insurance & Real EstateSupport$2,6009/29/13 H.R. 2052 (113th) Yes9/9/1321
Bennett, HdFinance, Insurance & Real EstateSupport$2,6009/29/13 H.R. 2052 (113th) Yes9/9/1321
Bursum, Holm O Mr IiiBanks & lending institutionsSupport$50010/23/06 H.R. 5602 (109th) Yes11/13/0621
Kidd, DonBanks & lending institutionsSupport$50010/23/06 H.R. 5602 (109th) Yes11/13/0621
Kidd, DonBanks & lending institutionsSupport$5006/10/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0821
Mathews, SheilaBanks & lending institutionsSupport$1,0007/29/12 H.R. 4367 (112th) Yes7/9/1221
Carruthers, KentBanks & lending institutionsSupport$1,0006/29/11 H.R. 1315 (112th) Yes7/21/1121
Contran CorpChemicalsSupport$2,5006/21/11 H.R. 2018 (112th) Yes7/13/1121
Norfolk SouthernRailroadsSupport$-1,00011/21/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) Yes12/13/1121
Koch IndustriesPetroleum refining & marketingSupport$1,0009/21/11 H.R. 2250 (112th) Yes10/13/1121
Williams CompaniesNatural Gas transmission & distributionSupport$1,00012/11/13 H.R. 1900 (113th) Yes11/21/1321
Antweil, BarryFabricated metal productsSupport$1,0006/15/11 H.R. 1540 (112th) Yes5/26/1121
Scott, LarryOil & GasOppose$2506/25/08 H.R. 6515 (110th) No7/17/0821
Hewitt, Robert (ggf) JOil & GasOppose$2506/2/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0821
Ellis, J R JrOil & GasOppose$2,30010/7/08 H.R. 6899 (110th) No9/16/0821
Strickler, James RIndependent oil & gas producersOppose$1,0008/6/08 H.R. 6515 (110th) No7/17/0821
Occidental PetroleumMajor (multinational) oil & gas producersOppose$2,5006/24/08 H.R. 415 (110th) No7/16/0821
Roberts, David E JrMajor (multinational) oil & gas producersOppose$1,0006/24/08 H.R. 415 (110th) No7/16/0821
Richardson, Robert PEngineers - type unknownSupport$1,0008/13/08 H.R. 3999 (110th) Yes7/24/0821
Cook, PeteCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$20012/26/07 H.R. 3526 (110th) Yes12/5/0721
Sours, Jim LCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$1,00011/26/07 H.R. 3997 (110th) Yes11/6/0721
Nelsen, Charles JCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$5003/26/08 H.R. 5715 (110th) Yes4/17/0821
Bank Of AmericaCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$1,0006/29/11 H.R. 1315 (112th) Yes7/21/1121
American Bankers AssnCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$1,00011/28/11 H.R. 2056 (112th) Yes12/19/1121
Wells FargoCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$2,0007/29/12 H.R. 4367 (112th) Yes7/9/1221
Independent Community Bankers Of AmericaCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$2,0006/4/12 H.R. 1864 (112th) Yes5/14/1221
Stone, David LCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$1,0006/29/11 H.R. 1315 (112th) Yes7/21/1121
Property Casualty Insurers Assn/americaInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$1,0007/17/06 H.R. 4973 (109th) Yes6/27/0621
Vasquez, AngelaInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$1,0004/29/08 H.R. 2419 (110th) Yes5/21/0821
Vasquez, AngelaInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$1,0004/29/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/0821
Property Casualty Insurers Assn/americaInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$1,00011/1/11 H.R. 3080 (112th) Yes10/12/1121
Property Casualty Insurers Assn/americaInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$1,00011/1/11 H.R. 3078 (112th) Yes10/12/1121
Property Casualty Insurers Assn/americaInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$1,00011/1/11 H.R. 3079 (112th) Yes10/12/1121
National Rural Electric Cooperative AssnRural electric cooperativesSupport$1,00010/30/13 H.R. 1900 (113th) Yes11/21/1321
Hall, James WCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2508/18/08 H.R. 2192 (110th) No vote7/29/0821
National Cattlemen's Beef AssnLivestockOppose$1,00010/2/07 H.R. 1483 (110th) No10/24/0721
Mershon, William FLivestockSupport$1,0006/10/08 H.R. 2419 (110th) Yes5/21/0821
Mccloy, AnnetteLivestockSupport$1,0008/13/12 H.R. 4157 (112th) Yes7/23/1221
Daale, EricMilk & dairy producersSupport$3004/29/08 H.R. 2419 (110th) Yes5/21/0821
Daale, TamiMilk & dairy producersSupport$7004/29/08 H.R. 2419 (110th) Yes5/21/0821
Cudahy, George FStone, clay, glass & concrete productsSupport$50011/9/11 H.R. 527 (112th) Yes12/1/1121
Hettinga, BudPublic works, industrial & commercial constructionSupport$1,2508/13/08 H.R. 3999 (110th) Yes7/24/0821
Leach, Regis JrPublic works, industrial & commercial constructionSupport$2,00010/16/08 H.R. 7110 (110th) No9/26/0821
Parkinson, PamelaHealth, Education & Human Resources$5008/28/12 H.R. 733 (112th) Yes9/18/1221
Legacy Political FundRepublican/ConservativeOppose$258/27/08 H.R. 6604 (110th) No9/18/0821
Carruthers, KentRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,50011/13/07 H.R. 1483 (110th) No10/24/0721
Fu, TracyRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3006/2/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0821
Hillman, Tatnall LRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3006/2/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0821
Penson, John (ggf) GRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2506/2/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0821
Penson, John (ggf) GRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2506/2/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0821
Boyd, DonRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,0037/14/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0821
Carson, William CRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3007/14/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0821
Dekay, JeanetteRepublican/ConservativeOppose$3507/14/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0821
George, LelandRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/14/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0821
Harbert, Norman CRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5007/14/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0821
Hollingsworth, Ellen MRepublican/ConservativeOppose$4007/14/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0821
Johnson, GlenRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/14/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0821
Kleiner, Walter HRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5007/14/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0821
Livingston, Stanley JrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2507/14/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0821
Macfarland, Lanning JrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$3007/14/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0821
Mazur, MichaelRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/14/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0821
Mitchell, Robert FRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2507/14/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0821
Offerdahl, Richard ERepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,3007/14/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0821
Serio, PatriciaRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/14/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0821
Sommer, Charles IiiRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2507/14/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0821
Thomas, StephenRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5007/14/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0821
Wiechmann, James LRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2007/14/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0821
Willaman, VerneRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5007/14/08 H.R. 6346 (110th) No6/24/0821
Arehart, Mary FRepublican/ConservativeOppose$25010/7/08 H.R. 6899 (110th) No9/16/0821
Connole, JeffRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,30010/7/08 H.R. 6899 (110th) No9/16/0821

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