Lee Terry Republican (Elected 1998), NE House district 2

Map of contributions to Lee Terry
Picture of Lee Terry

No longer in office

Total Campaign Contributions Received by Lee Terry: $1,170,911

Top 10 Interests Funding

Health Professionals$57,696
Oil & Gas$40,500
Lawyers/Law Firms$34,600
Electric Utilities$32,000
Securities & Investment$30,050
Real Estate$25,702
Pharmaceuticals/Health Products$24,100
Telecom Services$23,916

Top 10 Organizations Funding

Union Pacific Corporation$14,600
Las Vegas Sands$10,400
Physicians Mutual$7,596
Poet Llc$7,500
Werner Enterprises$7,100
Hawkins Construction$6,800
University Of Nebraska Medical Center$5,450
Wise Mack Truck$5,200
Texas Memory Systems$5,200
American College of Surgeons Prof Association$5,000

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