Joe Biden Democrat (Elected 1972), DE Senate district

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Picture of Joe Biden

Currently serving in Obama administration

Total Campaign Contributions Received by Joe Biden: $7,283,388

Top 10 Organizations Funding

Bank of America$58,675
Adler Group$51,150
Young Conaway Et Al$50,279
Simmons Cooper Llc$48,450
Law Offices of Peter G Angelos$47,700
Pachulski Stang Et Al$42,750
Broadway Partners$38,700
Cooney and Conway$34,600
Thornton and Naumes$33,800
Weitz and Luxenberg$27,800

Geographic Sources of Contributions

We are not yet publishing geographic data for this legislator. We currently have geographic data available only for U.S Representatives who were serving in the House as of October 15, 2008, excluding House members who were elected or appointed after November 2006 and members from the District of Columbia and U.S. territories. We expect to expand our geographic data to include all House members and Senators in the future.

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