Conrad Burns Republican (Elected 1988), MT Senate district

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No longer in office

Date Range of Contributions
Within days of their votes

Interest groups supporting or opposing a bill gave these contributions to Conrad Burns within 30 days of his vote on that bill:

Table lists the last vote on each bill in this legislator’s chamber, excluding motions to reconsider. Contributions shown through Sep 30, 2014.

ContributorInterest Group of contributorPosition of orgs in interest groupAmountDateBillVoteVote dateDays apartsort icon
Langenberg, Joan FBook, newspaper & periodical publishingSupport$5006/23/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/050
Forsee, Gary DCellular systems and equipmentSupport$1,0009/18/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/060
Cassidy, Michael HInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$2009/18/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/060
Canary, William J JrChambers of commerceSupport$1,0007/31/06 S. 3711 (109th) Yes8/1/060
Anderson, JeromeAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2505/24/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/061
Evangelakos, JohnAttorneys & law firmsSupport$5005/24/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/061
Carey, Wm PolkReal estateSupport$1,0006/22/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/051
Tubbs, Sherrill RInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$2509/17/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/061
Nicolaysen, Erik AInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$2009/15/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/063
American International GroupInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$1,0009/14/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/064
Winstead, Sechrest & MinickAttorneys & law firmsSupport$1,0005/18/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/065
Polis, JerryReal estateSupport$1,6006/28/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/055
Wagner, MatthewEngineering, architecture & construction mgmt svcsSupport$2509/13/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/065
Brown, Rudnick Et AlAttorneys & law firmsSupport$1,0005/17/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/066
Black, DebraReal estateSupport$2,0006/29/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/056
Black, LeonReal estateSupport$2,0006/29/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/056
Brown, Roy LReal estateSupport$5006/29/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/056
Fisher, ArnoldReal estateSupport$2,0006/29/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/056
Fisher, AudreyReal estateSupport$2,0006/29/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/056
Lorber, Howard MReal estateSupport$2,0006/29/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/056
Lorber, TheaReal estateSupport$2,0006/29/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/056
Speyer, JerryReal estateSupport$1,0006/29/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/056
Crowe, JamesTelecommunicationsSupport$2,0006/29/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/056
Crowe, Pamela LTelecommunicationsSupport$2,0006/29/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/056
Racicot, MarcInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$1,0009/24/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/066
Bartlett, Edward FAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2005/30/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/067
Stein, Michael LAttorneys & law firmsSupport$1,0005/16/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/067
Hogan & HartsonAttorneys & law firmsSupport$1,0005/16/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/067
Solvay PharmaceuticalsPharmaceutical manufacturingSupport$2,0009/25/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/067
Bemis, RichardEngineering, architecture & construction mgmt svcsSupport$2009/11/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/067
Lyondell ChemicalChemicalsSupport$1,0009/25/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/067
Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firmsSupport$5395/31/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/068
Marathon OilMajor (multinational) oil & gas producersSupport$5,0009/26/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/068
American Assn Of Crop InsurersInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$-1,3159/26/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/068
Broughton, James WAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2505/14/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/069
Frankman, Harry AndrewAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2255/14/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/069
Kelleher, Robin NAttorneys & law firmsSupport$3005/14/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/069
Seaton, DouglasAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2005/14/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/069
Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunicationsSupport$1,0006/14/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/059
Johnson, JamesInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$2,1009/27/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/069
Swanson, Cory JMilitarySupport$6006/1/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/069
Moulton, Robert WReal estateSupport$5006/13/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/0510
Corning IncTelecommunicationsSupport$3,5006/13/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/0510
Corning IncTelecommunicationsSupport$5,0006/13/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/0510
Medina, Manuel DOther Communications ServicesSupport$2,0006/13/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/0510
Velazquez, RayOther Communications ServicesSupport$2,1006/13/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/0510
Taylor, MarkAttorneys & law firmsSupport$1,0006/3/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/0611
Phillips InternationalBook, newspaper & periodical publishingSupport$1,0007/4/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/0511
Springer, JerrolInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$5009/29/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/0611
Hdr IncEngineering, architecture & construction mgmt svcsSupport$1,0009/7/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/0611
Greer, James HFinance, Insurance & Real EstateSupport$5009/29/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/0611
Franklin, Larry DCommunications & ElectronicsSupport$1,0009/29/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/0611
Dubow, StevenAttorneys & law firmsSupport$5006/4/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/0612
Rosati, Mario MAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2506/4/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/0612
Wiseman, LarryAttorneys & law firmsSupport$5006/4/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/0612
Zeiger, Alan LAttorneys & law firmsSupport$5006/4/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/0612
Brinkman, Thad JAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2,1005/11/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/0612
Fox, Timothy CAttorneys & law firmsSupport$1,1005/11/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/0612
Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firmsSupport$5006/4/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/0612
Physician Insurers Assn Of AmericaInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$1,0009/6/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/0612
Fox, Eric VDefense aerospace contractorsSupport$9509/6/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/0612
BpMajor (multinational) oil & gas producersSupport$1,00010/1/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/0613
American Assn Of Crop InsurersInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$1,30010/1/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/0613
Exxon MobilMajor (multinational) oil & gas producersSupport$5009/4/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/0614
Hachler, Barry LTransportationSupport$2504/19/06 H.R. 4939 (109th) Yes5/4/0614
General ElectricDefense aerospace contractorsSupport$-1,00010/4/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/0616
Daniel, Steven MFinance, Insurance & Real EstateSupport$20010/5/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/0617
Bemis, RichardEngineering, architecture & construction mgmt svcsSupport$20010/8/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/0620
Swanson, Cory JMilitarySupport$6006/1/06 H.R. 5122 (109th) Yes6/21/0620
Milstein, Edward LReal estateSupport$2,0007/14/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/0521
Harrah's EntertainmentCasinos, racetracks & gamblingOppose$2,50010/4/06 H.R. 4954 (109th) Yes9/14/0621
Deconcini, DennisAttorneys & law firmsSupport$1,0005/1/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/0622
Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firmsSupport$1,5006/14/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/0622
Lyondell ChemicalChemicalsSupport$1,0008/27/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/0622
Larson, Frederick HMajor (multinational) oil & gas producersSupport$2,00010/12/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/0624
Larson, Nicki LMajor (multinational) oil & gas producersSupport$2,00010/12/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/0624
Norcal Mutual InsuranceInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$2,00010/12/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/0624
Astrazeneca PharmaceuticalsPharmaceutical manufacturingSupport$2,5008/24/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/0625
Peter, Phillips SAttorneys & law firmsSupport$1,0006/18/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/0626
Saltz, CatherineInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$5008/23/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/0626
Gallagher, Charles PReal estateSupport$2,0007/20/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/0527
Cook, LodwrickTelecommunicationsSupport$6007/20/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/0527
Cook, LodwrickTelecommunicationsSupport$1,4007/20/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/0527
Hart, Kevin TTelecommunicationsSupport$1,0007/20/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/0527
Ohara, Kevin JTelecommunicationsSupport$2,0007/20/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/23/0527
United TechnologiesDefense aerospace contractorsSupport$2,50010/15/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/0627
Binder, Adele HPharmaceutical manufacturingSupport$-2,00010/15/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/0627
Binder, Gordon MPharmaceutical manufacturingSupport$-2,00010/15/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/0627
Clark, DirckHospitalsSupport$5008/29/06 H.R. 5574 (109th) Yes9/25/0627
Kruse, Lowell CHospitalsSupport$1,0008/29/06 H.R. 5574 (109th) Yes9/25/0627
Lobell, Jonah JayFinance, Insurance & Real EstateSupport$1,0008/21/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/0628
Mcguire, Woods Et AlAttorneys & law firmsSupport$1,0006/21/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/23/0629
Tharp, KevinDefense aerospace contractorsSupport$50010/17/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) Yes9/19/0629