John "Joe" Schwarz Republican (Elected 2005), MI House district 7

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No longer in office

Date Range of Contributions
Within days of their votes

Interest groups supporting or opposing a bill gave these contributions to John "Joe" Schwarz within 30 days of his vote on that bill:

Table lists the last vote on each bill in this legislator’s chamber, excluding motions to reconsider. Contributions shown through Dec 31, 2013.

ContributorInterest Group of contributorPosition of orgs in interest groupAmountDateBillVoteVote dateDays apartsort icon
Armenian American PacMinority/Ethnic GroupsOppose$1,0006/6/06 H.R. 5441 (109th) Yes6/6/060
American Bankers AssnCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$2,0007/24/06 H.R. 5121 (109th) Yes7/25/060
Corning IncTelecommunicationsSupport$-1,0006/27/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/28/050
Corning IncTelecommunicationsSupport$1,0006/27/05 S. 714 (109th) Yes6/28/050
Phelan, DanielSchools & collegesOppose$07/25/06 H.R. 5319 (109th) Yes7/26/060
Professional Airways Systems SpecialistsAir transport unionsSupport$1,0006/6/06 H.R. 5449 (109th) Yes6/7/060
Saltonstall, WilliamRepublican/ConservativeSupport$2006/27/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/061
American Bankers AssnCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$1,0007/23/06 H.R. 5121 (109th) Yes7/25/061
Eyster, GeorgeSchools & collegesOppose$2507/24/06 H.R. 5319 (109th) Yes7/26/061
Gostine, MarkPhysiciansSupport$2506/18/06 H.R. 5573 (109th) Yes6/21/062
American Academy Of Family PhysiciansPhysiciansSupport$1,0006/18/06 H.R. 5573 (109th) Yes6/21/062
Hiboldt, JamesAttorneys & law firmsSupport$5005/10/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/9/062
Walker, James SAttorneys & law firmsSupport$1,0005/10/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/9/062
Newman, HaskellSchools & collegesSupport$1,3005/11/06 H.R. 5143 (109th) Yes5/10/062
Durham Jr, SamuelCivil servant/public employeeSupport$1,0007/26/06 H.R. 5121 (109th) Yes7/25/062
Phillips, MadeleineChemicalsSupport$2007/21/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) No7/20/062
American Bankers AssnCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$2,0007/20/06 H.R. 5121 (109th) Yes7/25/064
Painters & Allied Trades UnionBuilding trades unionsSupport$1,0005/29/06 H.R. 5429 (109th) No5/25/065
Blews, EdwardSchools & collegesOppose$2007/30/06 H.R. 5319 (109th) Yes7/26/065
Whitman, MarinaSchools & collegesOppose$5007/20/06 H.R. 5319 (109th) Yes7/26/065
Hammerstrom, BevCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2007/19/06 H.R. 5121 (109th) Yes7/25/065
Vlasic, RobertRepublican/ConservativeSupport$1,0007/4/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/066
Barbour, NancyAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2504/26/06 H.R. 4975 (109th) Yes5/3/066
Bullen, LawrenceAttorneys & law firmsSupport$5005/14/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/9/066
Lycaki, HeleneSchools & collegesSupport$2505/15/06 H.R. 5143 (109th) Yes5/10/066
Eyster, GeorgeSchools & collegesOppose$4007/19/06 H.R. 5319 (109th) Yes7/26/066
Roberts, DouglasCivil servant/public employeeSupport$1,0007/18/06 H.R. 5121 (109th) Yes7/25/066
National Pork Producers CouncilLivestockOppose$1,0008/31/06 H.R. 503 (109th) No9/7/066
American College Of Emergency PhysiciansPhysiciansSupport$1,5006/13/06 H.R. 5573 (109th) Yes6/21/067
Teamsters UnionTeamsters unionOppose$5,0007/26/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) No7/20/067
Davis, RosemaryReal estate agentsSupport$2007/31/06 H.R. 5121 (109th) Yes7/25/067
Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firmsSupport$1,0004/25/06 H.R. 4975 (109th) Yes5/3/067
Michigan Chamber Of CommerceChambers of commerceSupport$2,0005/31/06 H.R. 5429 (109th) No5/25/067
Grafton, SteveSchools & collegesSupport$5005/2/06 H.R. 5143 (109th) Yes5/10/067
Borman, JohannaSchools & collegesOppose$2508/1/06 H.R. 5319 (109th) Yes7/26/067
Zimmerman, WilliamSchools & collegesOppose$2008/1/06 H.R. 5319 (109th) Yes7/26/067
Michigan Farm BureauFarm organizations & cooperativesSupport$5,0006/21/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/067
Laborers UnionBuilding trades unionsSupport$5,0006/1/06 H.R. 5429 (109th) No5/25/068
American College Of CardiologyPhysiciansSupport$1,0006/12/06 H.R. 5573 (109th) Yes6/21/068
Hiboldt, JamesAttorneys & law firmsSupport$5005/10/06 H.R. 4975 (109th) Yes5/3/068
Walker, James SAttorneys & law firmsSupport$1,0005/10/06 H.R. 4975 (109th) Yes5/3/068
Crissman, JohnSchools & collegesSupport$5005/17/06 H.R. 5143 (109th) Yes5/10/068
Herbert, MarilynSchools & collegesSupport$5005/17/06 H.R. 5143 (109th) Yes5/10/068
Stern, HfSchools & collegesSupport$4005/1/06 H.R. 5143 (109th) Yes5/10/068
Stern, HfSchools & collegesSupport$6005/1/06 H.R. 5143 (109th) Yes5/10/068
Alyea, G MarkSteelSupport$1,0007/6/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/068
Jacobson, HowardReal estateSupport$5008/1/06 H.R. 5121 (109th) Yes7/25/068
Weiner, EvanReal estateSupport$2508/1/06 H.R. 5121 (109th) Yes7/25/068
Dupont CoAgricultural chemicals (fertilizers & pesticides)Support$1,0006/20/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/068
Dobson, StephenRepublican/ConservativeSupport$1,8506/19/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/069
Republican Main Street PartnershipRepublican/ConservativeSupport$8656/19/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/069
Hertz, Roger HPhysiciansSupport$2506/11/06 H.R. 5573 (109th) Yes6/21/069
Hertz, Roger HPhysiciansSupport$5006/11/06 H.R. 5573 (109th) Yes6/21/069
Oneal, RobertPhysiciansSupport$2506/11/06 H.R. 5573 (109th) Yes6/21/069
Kelch, RobertHospitalsSupport$1,1006/11/06 H.R. 5574 (109th) Yes6/21/069
Burnham, CharlesInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$9007/28/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) No7/20/069
Dairy Farmers Of AmericaMilk & dairy producersSupport$2,0006/18/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0610
Whitman, MarinaSchools & collegesSupport$5005/19/06 H.R. 5143 (109th) Yes5/10/0610
Haring, EdwardSchools & collegesOppose$2008/4/06 H.R. 5319 (109th) Yes7/26/0610
Jamian, GregoryCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2507/14/06 H.R. 5121 (109th) Yes7/25/0610
Holmes Jr, HowardWheat, corn, soybeans and cash grainSupport$5007/8/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0610
Astrazeneca PharmaceuticalsPharmaceutical manufacturingSupport$1,0007/30/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) No7/20/0611
Gilmer, DonaldCivil servant/public employeeSupport$4007/13/06 H.R. 5121 (109th) Yes7/25/0611
Petredean, Ann RosenbaumCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2007/13/06 H.R. 5121 (109th) Yes7/25/0611
Bullen, LawrenceAttorneys & law firmsSupport$5005/14/06 H.R. 4975 (109th) Yes5/3/0612
Barbour, NancyAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2504/26/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/9/0612
Stanley, JamesSchools & collegesSupport$5005/21/06 H.R. 5143 (109th) Yes5/10/0612
Eyster, GeorgeSchools & collegesOppose$1,0007/13/06 H.R. 5319 (109th) Yes7/26/0612
Blumenstein, HaroldReal estateSupport$1,0008/5/06 H.R. 5121 (109th) Yes7/25/0612
Ratner, Jane AnnMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.Oppose$2,0008/6/06 H.R. 5319 (109th) Yes7/26/0612
Gatzaros, MariaReal estate agentsSupport$1,0008/6/06 H.R. 5121 (109th) Yes7/25/0613
Gatzaros, TedReal estate agentsSupport$1,0008/6/06 H.R. 5121 (109th) Yes7/25/0613
Glendon, PaulAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2,1005/21/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/9/0613
Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firmsSupport$1,0004/25/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/9/0613
Warner, KennethSchools & collegesSupport$5005/22/06 H.R. 5143 (109th) Yes5/10/0613
Michigan Farm BureauFarm organizations & cooperativesSupport$5,0006/21/06 H.R. 5252 (109th) Yes6/8/0613
Chadwick, John MPhysiciansSupport$4007/4/06 H.R. 5573 (109th) Yes6/21/0614
White, KaroleCommercial TV & radio stationsOppose$5005/25/06 H.R. 5252 (109th) Yes6/8/0614
Bansali, AbePhysiciansSupport$2506/5/06 H.R. 5573 (109th) Yes6/21/0615
Mclellan, RichardAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2004/17/06 H.R. 4975 (109th) Yes5/3/0615
Prager, RichardSchools & collegesSupport$2505/24/06 H.R. 5143 (109th) Yes5/10/0615
Phelan, DanielSchools & collegesOppose$2007/10/06 H.R. 5319 (109th) Yes7/26/0615
James, EarlGeneral commerceSupport$5005/17/06 H.R. 4975 (109th) Yes5/3/0615
Glick, AlvinSteelSupport$1,1007/13/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0615
Glick, AlvinSteelSupport$9007/13/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0615
Glancy, AlfredRepublican/ConservativeSupport$5006/12/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0616
Berman, HarveyRepublican/ConservativeSupport$2007/14/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0616
Okwereogu, AlphonsusPhysiciansSupport$5007/6/06 H.R. 5573 (109th) Yes6/21/0616
Christ, ChrisAttorneys & law firmsSupport$5005/24/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/9/0616
Giannunzio, LouisHospitalsSupport$4007/6/06 H.R. 5574 (109th) Yes6/21/0616
Porter, JeffersonSchools & collegesSupport$2505/25/06 H.R. 5143 (109th) Yes5/10/0616
Buhr, JamieRepublican/ConservativeSupport$2,1006/11/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0617
Fitzsimmons, BethRepublican/ConservativeSupport$1,6006/11/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0617
Fletcher, PeterRepublican/ConservativeSupport$1,1006/11/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0617
Republicans For Environmental ProtectionEnvironmental policyOppose$1,0008/5/06 H.R. 5684 (109th) No7/20/0617
Pawl, LawrencePhysiciansSupport$2506/1/06 H.R. 5573 (109th) Yes6/21/0619
Glendon, PaulAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2,1005/21/06 H.R. 4975 (109th) Yes5/3/0619
Kinnear, ThomasSchools & collegesSupport$2505/28/06 H.R. 5143 (109th) Yes5/10/0619
Haring, EdwardSchools & collegesOppose$2007/6/06 H.R. 5319 (109th) Yes7/26/0619
Ironworkers UnionBuilding trades unionsSupport$1,0006/13/06 H.R. 5429 (109th) No5/25/0620
Operating Engineers UnionBuilding trades unionsSupport$5,0005/4/06 H.R. 5429 (109th) No5/25/0620
Simmons, DavidRepublican/ConservativeSupport$2007/18/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0620
Weiser, MaryRepublican/ConservativeSupport$2,1007/18/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0620
Pawl, LawrencePhysiciansSupport$2007/10/06 H.R. 5573 (109th) Yes6/21/0620
American Bankers AssnCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$2,0007/4/06 H.R. 5121 (109th) Yes7/25/0620
United Transportation UnionTransportation unionsSupport$1,5006/26/06 H.R. 5449 (109th) Yes6/7/0620
Boulus, MichaelSchools & collegesOppose$2007/5/06 H.R. 5319 (109th) Yes7/26/0620
Seafarers International UnionMerchant marine & longshoremen unionsSupport$5006/13/06 H.R. 5429 (109th) No5/25/0620
Mcclelland, NinaRepublican/ConservativeSupport$5006/7/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0621
Mclellan, RichardAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2004/17/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/9/0621
Ohare, RollandAttorneys & law firmsSupport$5005/29/06 H.R. 5037 (109th) Yes5/9/0621
Ouimet, MarkRepublican/ConservativeSupport$5007/20/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0622
Christ, ChrisAttorneys & law firmsSupport$5005/24/06 H.R. 4975 (109th) Yes5/3/0622
Amalgamated Transit UnionTransportation unionsSupport$1,0006/28/06 H.R. 5449 (109th) Yes6/7/0622
Air Line Pilots AssnAir transport unionsSupport$2,5006/28/06 H.R. 5449 (109th) Yes6/7/0622
Fitzsimmons, JospehRepublican/ConservativeSupport$1,6006/5/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0623
Gehrke, JoanRepublican/ConservativeSupport$5007/21/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0623
Glancy, AlfredRepublican/ConservativeSupport$07/21/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0623
Mardelli, JosephPhysiciansSupport$7007/13/06 H.R. 5573 (109th) Yes6/21/0623
Phillips, MadeleineChemicalsSupport$2007/21/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0623
Markel, SheldonPhysiciansSupport$2007/14/06 H.R. 5573 (109th) Yes6/21/0624
Sweda, BradleyHospitalsSupport$2507/14/06 H.R. 5574 (109th) Yes6/21/0624
Campbell SoupFood and kindred products manufacturingSupport$5007/23/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0625
Van Dusen, BarbaraRepublican/ConservativeSupport$3007/24/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0626
Cattell, Albert CPhysiciansSupport$2505/25/06 H.R. 5573 (109th) Yes6/21/0626
Kinley, TriciaChambers of commerceSupport$3007/24/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0626
Baker, JamesSchools & collegesSupport$1,4006/4/06 H.R. 5143 (109th) Yes5/10/0626
Vlasic, RobertRepublican/ConservativeSupport$4007/25/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0627
Ohare, RollandAttorneys & law firmsSupport$5005/29/06 H.R. 4975 (109th) Yes5/3/0627
International Dairy Foods AssnMilk & dairy producersSupport$1,0007/25/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0627
Us Chamber Of CommerceChambers of commerceSupport$3,0007/25/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0627
Nugent, DonaldVegetables, fruits and tree nutSupport$2007/25/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0627
Dobson, Mary HRepublican/ConservativeSupport$2507/26/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0628
National Assn Of Home BuildersResidential constructionSupport$2,0006/26/06 H.R. 5121 (109th) Yes7/25/0628
Michigan Chamber Of CommerceChambers of commerceSupport$2,0005/31/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) Yes6/29/0628
Masters, Mates & Pilots UnionMerchant marine & longshoremen unionsSupport$2,5004/26/06 H.R. 5429 (109th) No5/25/0628
Badhwar, ManmohanPhysiciansSupport$2507/19/06 H.R. 5573 (109th) Yes6/21/0629
Mardelli, JosephPhysiciansSupport$3007/19/06 H.R. 5573 (109th) Yes6/21/0629
Tegulapalle, SivareddyPhysiciansSupport$2007/19/06 H.R. 5573 (109th) Yes6/21/0629
Dillard, JanisPhysiciansSupport$2505/21/06 H.R. 5573 (109th) Yes6/21/0630
Karamchandani, MaheshPhysiciansSupport$2005/21/06 H.R. 5573 (109th) Yes6/21/0630
Shareghi, GholamrezaPhysiciansSupport$5005/21/06 H.R. 5573 (109th) Yes6/21/0630