Ann Kirkpatrick Democrat (Elected 2009), AZ House district 1

Picture of Ann Kirkpatrick

No longer in office

Total Campaign Contributions Received by Ann Kirkpatrick: $3,900,201

Top 10 Interests Funding

Women's Issues$419,346
Lawyers/Law Firms$251,299
Transportation Unions$107,500
Public Sector Unions$100,625
Real Estate$92,521
Health Professionals$92,256
Business Services$74,825
Securities & Investment$65,305

Top 10 Organizations Funding

Emilys List$128,381
Council for a Livable World$22,215
University Of Arizona$20,580
Arizona State University$17,906
Womencount Pac$16,615
Transport Workers Union$16,000
Canyon Ranch$16,000
Boilermakers Union$15,500
Pinnacle West Capital$15,500
United Food and Commercial Workers Union$15,000

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