#174 Contributing Company

  • 2,286 contributions
  • $2,369,605 in total

#81 Most Interested Company

  • 36 bills supported
  • 1 bills opposed

#49 Most Influential Company

  • Won 19 bills on which it took a position

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Online Piracy Legislation Gets Vote of Confidence From Sen. Harry Reid

Jan. 18, 2012 - On a recent episode of "Meet the Press," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid threw his support behind advancing legislation to curb online piracy. Both chambers of Congress have drafted legislation to address online piracy from foreign websites, but both bills have faced strong public outcry that has put their chances of passage in doubt.

MapLight has conducted an analysis of campaign contributions from key industry groups to members of the U.S. Senate (July 1, 2005 - June 30, 2011) and found that:

  • Entertainment interest groups that support these bills gave 7.2 times as much ($14,423,991) to members of the U.S. Senate as Internet interest groups that oppose these bills ($2,011,332). 
  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has received 4.8 times as much from entertainment interest groups that support these bills ($571,500) as from Internet interest groups that oppose these bills ($118,050).

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Entertainment Media Outspends Internet Companies on the Campaigns of Representatives Marking Up SOPA (Anti-Piracy Bill)
Sponsors of SOPA Act Pulled in 4 Times as Much in Contributions from Hollywood as from Silicon Valley

Related Companies

CompanyContributionsBill Positions
National Cable & Telecommunications Association$6,228,14888
National Association of Broadcasters$4,111,33972
Harvard University$3,631,46610
American Resort Development Association$3,324,97524

Top Recipients

SenatorsContributionsBills Sponsored that
Company Supports
Patrick J. Leahy$49,8504
Addison "Mitch" McConnell$34,5000
Cory A. Booker$33,1002
Harry Reid$32,4001
John McCain$28,9501
House membersContributionsBills Sponsored that
Company Supports
Adam B. Schiff$35,2503
Bob Goodlatte$24,2504
Daniel Webster$23,5002
Loretta Sanchez$20,2501
Xavier Becerra$18,5001

Top Stock Holders

PoliticianMinimum ValueMaximum ValueAverage Value
Michael T. McCaul$500,002$1,000,000$750,001
Joseph P. Kennedy III$195,005$500,000$347,503
Dave Camp$63,007$245,000$154,004
James B. Renacci$66,003$165,000$115,502
Alan S. Lowenthal$50,001$100,000$75,001
Numbers on this page include latest available data for contributions and bill positions starting January 1, 2007 through the present.
'Top Stock Holders' based on data for 2013.