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Banks Gave Big to Lawmakers Voting to Weaken Financial, Consumer Protections

Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

May 4, 2017A MapLight analysis of campaign contributions found that members of the House Financial Services Committee who voted for the the Financial CHOICE Act received almost 80 percent more money during the 2016 election cycle from commercial banks and holding companies than representatives who voted against it. Read more

Wall Street Firms Managing Pension Money Spend Millions To Support Governors, Despite Pay-To-Play Rule

Reps Voting to Speed Up Permits for Natural Gas Exports Receive $2.6M from Exporting Companies; $87.4M Spent on Lobbying

Wall Street Banks Contribute More Than Twice as Much to Members Voting Yes on Dodd-Frank Rollback

Representatives Voting for Dodd-Frank Rollback Receive Millions from Top Wall Street Banks

Financial Disclosures Showcase Kansas Senate Candidates' Investment in Energy Companies

Hal Rogers Champions Coal in Omnibus Spending Bill

Democrats Voting for Derivatives Bill Receive More Money From Citigroup and Other Financial Institutions

House to Vote on Derivatives Bill That Was Written by Citigroup Lobbyists

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Big-Box Retailers Have a Big Advantage in Internet Sales Tax Debate

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