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Drug Company Accused of Price-Gouging Has Developed Deep Capitol Network Since 2010

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

September 21, 2016 - Within the last decade, Mylan Pharmaceuticals has increased the price for EpiPens -- its life-saving, epinephrine-based allergy treatment -- from less than $100 to almost $610. Amid the ensuing furor, more attention has been paid to Mylan’s business tactics than to its political activity. Read more

Senators Voting for 'Doc Fix' Bill Receive Twice as Much Money from Supporting Groups
As Tax Reform Enters the Debt Ceiling Debate, A Look at Top Contributors to Key Lawmakers

Key Companies

CompanyContributedRelated bill positions
National Education Association$8,298,960183
American Hospital Association$8,015,712129
Service Employees International Union$7,796,80095

Key Legislators

SenatorsParty/StateRelated bills sponsored
Tammy Baldwin[D-WI]897
Sherrod Brown[D-OH]872
Dick Durbin[D-IL]806
House MembersParty/StateRelated bills sponsored
Raúl M. Grijalva[D-AZ]1662
Eleanor Holmes Norton[D-DC]1434
Jim McGovern[D-MA]1423

Key Industries

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