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Senators Voting Yes on Syria Resolution Received 83% More Money From Defense Industry


September 5, 2013The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 10-7 yesterday to approve a resolution authorizing the President to use military force in Syria. The resolution would allow the President to use the Armed Forces of the United States in Syria "as he determines to be necessary and appropriate in a limited and specified manner."

How much money have members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee received from defense contractors and other defense interests? Read more

House Members Voting to Continue NSA's Dragnet Surveillance Received Twice as Much From Defense Contractors
Senators Reach Out to Defense Contractors Who Contribute Heavily to Their Campaigns

Key Companies

CompanyContributedRelated bill positions
Lockheed Martin$4,595,9585
Northrop Grumman$3,052,3184
BAE Systems$1,710,9823

Key Legislators

SenatorsParty/StateRelated bills sponsored
John Boozman[R-AR]332
Mark Begich[D-AK]302
Mazie Hirono[D-HI]300
House MembersParty/StateRelated bills sponsored
Jim McGovern[D-MA]607
Walter Jones[R-NC]572
Madeleine Bordallo[D-GU]515
Numbers on this page (except for Latest Bills) include latest available data for contributions and bill positions starting January 1, 2007 through the present. For date range numbers on Latest Bills, visit the bill page.