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Why Congress Won't Take Action on Climate Change

The White House/Flickr

June 25, 2013Today, with Congress inactive on climate change legislation, President Obama announced a series of executive actions to address climate change by limiting greenhouse gas emissions and bolstering production of renewable energy, among other methods.

How much money have carbon-emitting interests given to Congress? Read more

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Key Companies

CompanyContributedRelated bill positions
National Automobile Dealers Association$5,043,7007
Lockheed Martin$4,595,9585
National Air Traffic Controllers Association$3,947,52510

Key Legislators

SenatorsParty/StateRelated bills sponsored
Chuck Schumer[D-NY]189
Mazie Hirono[D-HI]183
Amy Klobuchar[D-MN]162
House MembersParty/StateRelated bills sponsored
Raúl Grijalva[D-AZ]257
Steve Cohen[D-TN]238
Sheila Jackson Lee[D-TX]235
Numbers on this page (except for Latest Bills) include latest available data for contributions and bill positions starting January 1, 2007 through the present. For date range numbers on Latest Bills, visit the bill page.