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AB 232 - An Act Relating to Rights of Crime Victims and Witnesses.

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An Act to renumber 950.04 (1v) (a); and to create 950.04 (1v) (ag), 950.04 (1v) (dr) and 950.105 of the statutes; relating to: rights of crime victims and witnesses.  
The bill has become law (chaptered). 
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An Act Relating to Rights of Crime Victims and Witnesses.

AB 232 — 2011-2012 Legislature

An Act to renumber 950.04 (1v) (a); and to create 950.04 (1v) (ag), 950.04 (1v) (dr) and 950.105 of the statutes; relating to: rights of crime victims and witnesses.
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An Act Relating to Rights of Crime Victims and Witnesses.
Andre Jacque, Garey Bies, Penny Bernard Schaber, Ed Brooks, Mike Endsley, Gordon Hintz, Dean Kaufert, Samantha Kerkman, Joel Kleefisch, Louis Molepske, Alvin Ott, Roger Rivard, Kelda Helen Roys, Jeremy Thiesfeldt, Karl Van Roy, Amy Sue Vruwink
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Bill History

There have been no votes on this bill.

8/29/2011Introduced by Representatives Jacque, Bies, Bernard Schaber, Brooks, Endsley, Hintz, Kaufert, Kerkman, Kleefisch, Molepske Jr, A. Ott, Rivard, Roys, Thiesfeldt, Van Roy and Vruwink;Cosponsored by Senators Wanggaard, Moulton, Olsen and Taylor
8/29/2011Read first time and referred to committee on Criminal Justice and Corrections
9/08/2011Public hearing held
9/20/2011Assembly amendment 1 offered by Representative Jacque
9/21/2011Assembly amendment 2 offered by Representative Kessler
9/21/2011Assembly amendment 3 offered by Representative Kessler
9/22/2011Executive action taken
9/28/2011Report Assembly Amendment 1 adoption recommended by committee on Criminal Justice and Corrections, Ayes 9, Noes 0
9/28/2011Report passage as amended recommended by committee on Criminal Justice and Corrections, Ayes 8, Noes 1
9/28/2011Referred to committee on Rules
10/18/2011Placed on calendar 10-20-2011 by committee on Rules
10/20/2011Read a second time
10/20/2011Assembly amendment 1 adopted
10/20/2011Assembly amendment 4 offered by Representative Molepske Jr
10/20/2011Assembly amendment 4 laid on table, Ayes 60, Noes 36
10/20/2011Ordered to a third reading
10/20/2011Rules suspended
10/20/2011Read a third time and passed
10/20/2011Ordered immediately messaged
10/21/2011Received from Assembly
10/21/2011Read first time and referred to committee on Judiciary, Utilities, Commerce, and Government Operations
2/28/2012Public hearing held
3/08/2012Senate amendment 1 offered by Senator Wanggaard
3/12/2012Executive action taken
3/12/2012Report adoption of Senate Amendment 1 recommended by committee on Judiciary, Utilities, Commerce, and Government Operations, Ayes 3, Noes 2
3/12/2012Report concurrence as amended recommended by committee on Judiciary, Utilities, Commerce, and Government Operations, Ayes 5, Noes 0
3/12/2012Available for scheduling
3/12/2012Placed on calendar 3-13-2012 pursuant to Senate Rule 18(1)
3/13/2012Read a second time
3/13/2012Senate amendment 1 adopted
3/13/2012Ordered to a third reading
3/13/2012Rules suspended
3/13/2012Read a third time and concurred in as amended
3/13/2012Ordered immediately messaged
3/13/2012Received from Senate amended and concurred in as amended (Senate amendment 1 adopted)
3/13/2012Referred to committee on Rules
3/13/2012Made a special order of business at 9:03 A.M. on 3-14-2012 pursuant to Assembly Resolution 24
3/15/2012Senate amendment 1 concurred in
3/15/2012Action ordered immediately messaged
3/27/2012Report correctly enrolled
4/05/2012Presented to the Governor on 4-5-2012
4/13/2012Report approved by the Governor on 4-12-2012. 2011 Wisconsin Act 283
4/17/2012Published 4-26-2012

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An Act Relating to Rights of Crime Victims and Witnesses.

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Penny Bernard SchaberDWI-57$0$0
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Janet BewleyDWI-74$0$0
Garey BiesRWI-1$0$0
Ed BrooksRWI-50$0$0
Fred ClarkDWI-42$0$0
Elizabeth CoggsDWI-10$0$0
David CraigRWI-83$0$0
David CullenDWI-13$0$0
Chris DanouDWI-91$0$0
Steve DoyleDWI-94$0$0
Mike EndsleyRWI-26$0$0
Paul FarrowRWI-98$0$0
Jason FieldsDWI-11$0$0
Jeff FitzgeraldRWI-39$0$0
Tamara GrigsbyDWI-18$0$0
Gary HeblDWI-46$0$0
Gordon HintzDWI-54$0$0
Mark HonadelRWI-21$0$0
Brett HulseyDWI-77$0$0
Andre JacqueRWI-2$0$0
Andy JorgensenDWI-37$0$0
Chris KapengaRWI-33$0$0
Dean KaufertRWI-55$0$0
Samantha KerkmanRWI-66$0$0
Frederick KesslerDWI-12$0$0
Steve KestellRWI-27$0$0
Joel KleefischRWI-38$0$0
John KlenkeRWI-88$0$0
Joe KnilansRWI-44$0$0
Dan KnodlRWI-24$0$0
Dean KnudsonRWI-30$0$0
Dale KooyengaRWI-14$0$0
Bill KramerRWI-97$0$0
Scott KrugRWI-72$0$0
Peggy KrusickDWI-7$0$0
Mike KuglitschRWI-84$0$0
Tom LarsonRWI-67$0$0
Dan LeMahieuRWI-59$0$0
Michelle LitjensRWI-56$0$0
Amy LoudenbeckRWI-45$0$0
Howard MarkleinRWI-51$0$0
Cory MasonDWI-62$0$0
Dan MeyerRWI-34$0$0
Nick MilroyDWI-73$0$0
Louis MolepskeDWI-71$0$0
Jeff MursauRWI-36$0$0
John MurthaRWI-29$0$0
Stephen NassRWI-31$0$0
Lee NerisonRWI-96$0$0
John NygrenRWI-89$0$0
Alvin OttRWI-3$0$0
Jim OttRWI-23$0$0
Sandy PaschDWI-22$0$0
Kevin PetersenRWI-40$0$0
Jerry PetrowskiRWI-86$0$0
Warren PetrykRWI-93$0$0
Mark PocanDWI-78$0$0
Sondy Pope-RobertsDWI-79$0$0
Don PridemoreRWI-99$0$0
Mark RadcliffeDWI-92$0$0
Jon RichardsDWI-19$0$0
Janis RinghandDWI-80$0$0
Keith RippRWI-47$0$0
Roger RivardRWI-75$0$0
Kelda Helen RoysDWI-81$0$0
Donna SeidelDWI-85$0$0
Erik SeversonRWI-28$0$0
Christine SinickiDWI-20$0$0
Richard SpanbauerRWI-53$0$0
Tony StaskunasDWI-15$0$0
John SteinbrinkDWI-65$0$0
Jim SteinekeRWI-5$0$0
Jeff StoneRWI-82$0$0
Pat StrachotaRWI-58$0$0
Duey StroebelRWI-60$0$0
Scott SuderRWI-69$0$0
Gary TauchenRWI-6$0$0
Chris TaylorDWI-48$0$0
Jeremy ThiesfeldtRWI-52$0$0
Tom TiffanyRWI-35$0$0
Barbara TolesDWI-17$0$0
Travis TranelRWI-49$0$0
Robert TurnerDWI-61$0$0
Karl Van RoyRWI-90$0$0
Robin VosRWI-63$0$0
Amy Sue VruwinkDWI-70$0$0
Chad WeiningerRWI-4$0$0
Mary WilliamsRWI-87$0$0
Evan WynnRWI-43$0$0
Leon YoungDWI-16$0$0
JoCasta ZamarripaDWI-8$0$0
Josh ZepnickDWI-9$0$0
Bob ZiegelbauerIWI-25$0$0

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