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AB 896 (2013-2014) - An Act Relating to Length of Time in Confinement Following Revocation of Extended Supervision or Probation for Violating a Condition.


Evan Goyke, Gary Hebl, Terese Berceau, Frederick Kessler, Tod Ohnstad, Sandy Pasch / The bill has been introduced.

Relating to: length of time in confinement following revocation of extended supervision or probation for violating a condition.

AB 890 (2013-2014) - An Act Relating to Youth Summer Jobs Programs in First Class Cities and Making an Appropriation.


Leon Young / The bill has been introduced.

Relating to: youth summer jobs programs in first class cities and making an appropriation.

AB 928 (2013-2014) - An Act Relating to Creating a Refundable Individual Income Tax Credit for Tuition Expenses Paid for Dependents Who Attend Certain Private Elementary and Secondary Schools, and Charter Schools.

Ways and Means

Dean Kaufert / The bill has been introduced.

Relating to: creating a refundable individual income tax credit for tuition expenses paid for dependents who attend certain private elementary and secondary schools, and charter schools.