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AB 488 (2013-2014) - An Act Relating to Involuntary Commitment Proceedings and Limited Appearance by Corporation Counsel.

Enacted into Law

John Jagler, Erik Severson / The bill has become law (chaptered).

Relating to: involuntary commitment proceedings and limited appearance by corporation counsel.

AB 278 (2013-2014) - An Act Relating to Definition of Common Motor Carrier.

Enacted into Law

Keith Ripp, Penny Bernard Schaber, Alvin Ott, John Spiros / The bill has become law (chaptered).

Relating to: definition of common motor carrier.

AB 714 (2013-2014) - An Act Relating to Yielding to an Overtaking Vehicle.

Enacted into Law

Keith Ripp / The bill has become law (chaptered).

Relating to: yielding to an overtaking vehicle.

AB 494 (2013-2014) - An Act Relating to the Waiver of Fees Imposed on Waste Disposed of at a Solid or Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility.

Enacted into Law

Amy Loudenbeck / The bill has become law (chaptered).

Relating to: the waiver of fees imposed on waste disposed of at a solid or hazardous waste disposal facility.

AB 506 (2013-2014) - An Act Relating to Professional Land Surveyors; the Practice of Professional Land Surveying; Surveying Land Abutting Navigable Waters; Various Changes Regarding Platting, Surveying, and Certified Survey Maps; and Granting Rule-Making Authority.

Enacted into Law

Thomas Weatherston, Ed Brooks, Mary Czaja, Dale Kooyenga, Howard Marklein, Alvin Ott / The bill has become law (chaptered).

Relating to: professional land surveyors; the practice of professional land surveying; surveying land abutting navigable waters; various changes regarding platting, surveying, and certified survey maps; and granting rule-making authority.

AB 532 (2013-2014) - An Act Relating to Changing the Names, Wisconsin Higher Education Grants, and Tuition Grants, to Wisconsin Grants.

Enacted into Law

Joan Ballweg, Garey Bies, Robb Kahl, Keith Ripp, Jeremy Thiesfeldt / The bill has become law (chaptered).

Relating to: changing the names, Wisconsin higher education grants, and tuition grants, to Wisconsin grants.

AB 612 (2013-2014) - An Act Relating to Allowing a Victim of a Crime to View Portions of a Presentence Investigation Report.

Enacted into Law

Pat Strachota, Don Pridemore, Mary Czaja / The bill has become law (chaptered).

Relating to: allowing a victim of a crime to view portions of a presentence investigation report.