Contributions Search: Interest Group

Search contributions to elected legislators' campaigns. Specifically, you can search contributions made since January 1, 1993 to candidate campaign committees of legislators serving in the 2009-2010 or 2011-2012 sessions of the State Legislature. You can also download contributions to a spreadsheet. Use any combination of these filters:

Contributions Search

  1. Narrow your search to find only contributions to legislators in a particular office (Senate or Assembly) or party (Democrat, Republican, or Independent). 
  2. Narrow your search to find only contributions to an individual legislator.
  3. Search for contributions by the contributor's name, occupation, or employer. Use an asterisk (*) for wild-card searches. For example, searching for *johnson* will return all contributions that include the letters johnson.
  4. Search for contributions by industry category and, optionally, subcategories.
  5. Search for contributions made within a specified date range.
  6. Search for contributions made within a particular two-year election cycle.
  7. Search by contributor location, or
  8. Search for only out-of-state contributions.
  9. Search for only contributions from individuals, or only contributions from organizations.

To download to a spreadsheet, go to the bottom of the datatable and click on the blue link "Download CSV."