Dean Knudson Republican (Elected 2011), Assembly District 30 (Hudson)

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Picture of Dean Knudson

In the 2011-2012 Legislature, Dean Knudson was a member of the Assembly Committee on Education, the Assembly Committee on Urban and Local Affairs, and the Assembly Committee on Colleges and Universities (Vice-Chair).

Dean Knudson can be contacted at (608) 266-1526, (608) 282-3630 (fax), and His website is

Total Campaign Contributions Received by Dean Knudson: $64,778

Top 10 Individual Contributors Funding

Afton House Inn and Cruise$1,500
Delta Airlines$1,500
Air Motion Systems$1,250
3M Corporation$1,050
Airworthy Aerospace Industries Incorporated$1,000
Dicks Market$1,000
Accu Tech Tool and Design$900
Xcel Energy$835
Youth Action Hudson$800