Frank Lasee Republican (Elected 2011), Senate District 1

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No longer in office

Date Range of Contributions
Within days of their votes

Interest groups supporting or opposing a bill gave these contributions to Frank Lasee within 30 days of his vote on that bill:

Table lists floor votes on bills by this legislator. Contributions shown through Jul 31, 2012.

ContributorInterest Group of contributorPosition of orgs in interest groupAmountDateBillVoteVote dateDays apartsort icon
Lenz, GordonInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$1002/7/11 SB 7 (2011-2012) Yes2/7/110
Heidel, RichLocal OfficialsOppose$1255/18/11 AB 7 (2011-2012) Yes5/18/110
Papke, RobertNursing homesOppose$2505/18/11 AB 7 (2011-2012) Yes5/18/110
Operating Engineers 139 PacOther unionsOppose$1,0003/13/11 JR1AB 11 (2011-2012) Yes3/8/115
Heidel, RichLocal OfficialsOppose$1255/18/11 JR1SB 13 (2011-2012) Yes5/10/118
Heidel, RichLocal OfficialsOppose$256/2/11 AB 7 (2011-2012) Yes5/18/1115
Graul, PatriciaHospitalsSupport$1253/13/11 JR1SB 12 (2011-2012) Yes4/4/1122
Heidel, RichLocal OfficialsOppose$256/2/11 JR1SB 13 (2011-2012) Yes5/10/1123
Tavern Industry PacRestaurants & drinking establishmentsSupport$1,0002/10/11 SB 12 (2011-2012) No vote3/8/1126
Jagodinsky, BrianInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$10011/28/11 SB 125 (2011-2012) Yes11/1/1127
American Family PacInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$5003/9/11 SB 7 (2011-2012) Yes2/7/1130