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Dark Money Organization Emerges As Major Financier for GOP Legislative, Electoral Agendas
Senators Drafting Secret Health Care Bill Backed by Insurance and Pharma Campaign Money
The small group of senators secretly crafting a bill to eliminate the Affordable Care Act collected an average of $214,000 in campaign contributions from health insurance and pharmaceutical industries.
Conservative Dark Money Helps Georgia Congressional Candidate Narrow Spending Gap With Ossoff
An influx of outside spending has turned the race to replace former Rep. Tom Price -- now head of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services -- into the most expensive House contest in U.S. history, with a price tag that's topped $55 million and is still rising.
Sponsors of Bill to Weaken Financial, Consumer Protections Boosted by Campaign Money from Big Banks
Sponsors of a bill to roll back the landmark Wall Street reform law passed after the financial crisis received almost three times more money during the 2016 election cycle from commercial banks and holding companies than representatives who are not sponsors of the legislation.
Conservative Group Led By EPA Chief Pruitt Received Dark Money To Battle Environmental Regulations
An organization once led by the nation’s top environmental regulator raised more than $750,000 from conservative dark money groups to battle federal regulators, including officials at the agency he now leads, a MapLight investigation has found.
In Fight Over the Right To Repair Equipment, Farmers are Outspent 28-to-1
Many of the nation’s farmers are faced with tractors that can only be fixed by a manufacturer -- a situation that benefits manufacturers but puts added burdens on farmers. A MapLight analysis of state lobbying reports found proponents of "right to repair" legislation designed to address the issue have been outspent by a 28-to-1 margin.
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