How the NRA blocks progress on gun violence
Last week, as our country faced yet another mass shooting—this time at a high school in Parkland, Florida—our President, Daniel G. Newman, spoke with Jane McMillan of KCBS radio about the political power that special interest groups like the NRA wield over elected officials and the legislative process. In the interview, Jane and Dan discuss … Continue reading "How the NRA blocks progress on gun violence"
MapLight helps local democracy reform campaigns across the country
Since June 2017, MapLight has worked with state and local democracy reform campaigns across the country, providing data analysis, policy and messaging guidance, and public education to help reclaim political systems for the people.
A Victory for Democracy: CA DISCLOSE Act Signed by Gov. Brown
In a major victory for transparency, Governor Jerry Brown signed the California DISCLOSE Act this weekend. The new law requires ballot measure ads and independent expenditure ads for or against candidates to clearly and prominently disclose the identity of their top three funders.
A Powerful New Tool to Search and Analyze Money in Politics
MapLight’s new Campaign Contribution Search allows users to easily search for campaign contributions to federal candidates.
NM Gov. backs reform after MapLight/IBT investigation
Amid public outcry generated by a MapLight/International Business Times investigation, Governor Susana Martinez announced that she will now support removing elected officials from the New Mexico State Investment Council after previously vetoing legislation to do so.
MapLight Reveals Dark Money Influence on the Supreme Court Nomination Process
The Gorsuch nomination reveals that the Trump administration is taking advantage of a loophole in U.S. campaign finance law that allows elected officials to coordinate their agendas with nonprofit organizations that aren’t required to disclose their donors to the public.
MapLight reveals corporate influence on FCC's net neutrality decision
With the debate over net neutrality in full swing, MapLight investigated and found that three of the nation’s largest internet service providers and the cable television industry’s primary trade association have spent more than a half-billion dollars lobbying the FCC and other government agencies in the past decade.
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