MapLight reveals Wall Street firms circumvent anti-corruption laws to gain influence
As part of a series of articles exposing how companies circumvent anti-corruption laws designed to restrict their political influence, MapLight and the International Business Times investigated the Wall Street contributors supporting a Massachusetts ballot measure.
New website from MapLight makes it easier to investigate dark money
In May, MapLight launched Dark Money Watch, an online hub for information about election spending by groups that don’t disclose their donors. The site explains how dark money works, profiles the key players involved with it, and includes a comprehensive guide to sources of data for investigating dark money.
Introducing Dark Money Watch, a Project of MapLight
MapLight is combining the top online resources on secret political spending with our own reporting to provide a hub for information about "dark money," a growing force in our democracy. Dark Money Watch, features profiles of dark money groups, the latest news coverage related to dark money and a searchable database of research and tools for users to easily explore the sources and targets of dark money spending. We invite you to learn more by exploring the website and following Dark Money Watch on Facebook and Twitter.
MapLight’s Investigations into Chemical Safety Regulations Help Grassroots Advocacy Groups
MapLight's investigations into Congress' top 10 chemical industry donors show increases in spending that correspond with the introduction of the Toxic Substances Control Act and its precursors.
Celebrating a Decade of MapLight!
Today MapLight celebrates a milestone: 10 years of shining light on our broken system of money-dominated politics.
MapLight reveals oil and gas influence behind Keystone XL
As the years-long debate over the Keystone XL pipeline continued in Congress, MapLight ensured that money’s influence was part of the national conversation.
MapLight Releases Voter’s Edge Assessment to Inform Voter Information Field
In 2014, more than one million voters visited MapLight’s nonpartisan voting information site Voter’s Edge. This nonpartisan guide to candidates and ballot measures provided voters with campaign finance data, candidate biographies, and other meaningful information about national and state elections in all 50 states.
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