Celebrating a Decade of MapLight!
Today MapLight celebrates a milestone: 10 years of shining light on our broken system of money-dominated politics.
MapLight reveals oil and gas influence behind Keystone XL
As the years-long debate over the Keystone XL pipeline continued in Congress, MapLight ensured that money’s influence was part of the national conversation.
MapLight Releases Voter’s Edge Assessment to Inform Voter Information Field
In 2014, more than one million voters visited MapLight’s nonpartisan voting information site Voter’s Edge. This nonpartisan guide to candidates and ballot measures provided voters with campaign finance data, candidate biographies, and other meaningful information about national and state elections in all 50 states.
MapLight Launches Federal Lobbying Database
MapLight is pleased to announce the launch of its new federal lobbying database. MapLight's searchable dataset on federal lobbying is made freely available through both a Web interface and a CSV downloadable format, and provides timely information on unions, companies, and organizations that are lobbying the federal government.
Earn $5 for MapLight by Sharing on Facebook or Twitter
MapLight is now featured in the Giving Library, a new service helping us tell our story to potential supporters through video. And if you take 1 minute to spread the word about our work to get money out of politics, they'll give us $5!
MapLight, the Political Money Tracker, Launches Politicash 2012 App for the Presidential Election
MapLight, the Political Money Tracker, Launches Politicash App for the Presidential Election Free Mobile App Gives Users Immediate Access to Who’s Funding Presidential Candidate and Affiliated Super PAC Campaigns.
MapLight Voter's Edge, a Nonpartisan Guide to CA's Ballot Measures, is Now Available in Spanish
MapLight Voter's Edge for California, a nonpartisan guide to ballot measures, is now available in Spanish. The guide shows each proposition's funding data, summary information, the projected financial impact of the proposition, campaign arguments by proponents and opponents, endorsements, news, editorials, and advertisements.
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