Track ballot measures in your city or state - $1,000 grants available
June 28, 2012 - MapLight is expanding our ballot measure voter guide to track who's funding ballot measures in cities and states across the country. We are seeking a handful of state and local groups as partners for a pilot project to track and highlight key information about ballot measures in your state or city.
Who Can Afford Our Congress?
June 19, 2012—Rootstrikers and GOOD Magazine have launched a new infographic series, "Capital in the Capitol," highlighting the huge amounts of money influencing our electoral system and where it comes from. To view the first infographic, which utilizes MapLight's data, click below. </div
Michael Bloomberg Enters CA Prop. 29 (Cigarette Tax) Money Race with a $500K Contribution
May 17, 2012—A MapLight analysis of campaign contribution data from the California Secretary of State shows that a recent contribution of $500K from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg raises the total for committees supporting California's Proposition 29 (Cigarette Tax) to $8.5 million. Committees opposing California's Proposition 29 have raised nearly $40 million.
State of Influence: Origins of Super PAC Money
A link to the press release can be found here. Powered by Tableau
MapLight Launches Voter Guide for California Ballot Propositions in English and Spanish
. . March 19, 2012—MapLight announces the launch of a new Voter Guide, available in both English and Spanish, profiling California's ballot propositions. The MapLight Voter Guide provides journalists and voters with a snapshot view of each proposition's summary information—what a 'YES' or a 'NO' vote would mean, the projected financial impact of the proposition, campaign arguments by proponents and opponents—and campaign finance data—money raised for and against a proposition and a top 10 list of contributors for and against. In coming weeks the Voter Guide will be expanded to include endorsements, news, editorials, and advertisements.
Sunshine Week: MapLight's Newly Launched Topic Pages Allow Journalists and Citizens to Search for Bills by Issue Area
MAPLIGHT'S NEWLY LAUNCHED TOPIC PAGES ALLOW JOURNALISTS AND CITIZENS TO SEARCH FOR BILLS BY ISSUE AREATransparency Tool Provides A Snapshot View of Bills by Issue Area (e.g., Technology and Communications) and the Campaign Contributions from Organizations Seeking to Influence those Bills
It's MapLight's Seventh Anniversary! Thank you!
It's Our 7th Year Anniversary!
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