MapLight Wisconsin Launched, Revealing Money's Influence on WI Politics
MAPLIGHT.ORG WISCONSIN GIVES CITIZENS A FRONT ROW SEAT TO THE WI STATE LEGISLATURE "'s transparency tools thrust sunlight into who's giving money to legislators, how legislators are voting, and how interest groups are aligning on proposed legislation." -Andy Hall, Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism and MapLight Identify 10 Impediments to Government Transparency
To commemorate the close of Sunshine Week 2011,'s David Kravets, in collaboration with, has compiled a list of "shadows" in the political process. Click here to read the article.
Special to the Mercury News: California legislators should have to wear NASCAR-style logos of bill sponsors
Lawmakers in Sacramento say they represent the people. But voters have little to do with who really runs our state.
Top Ten Lobbying Firms in City of Los Angeles, 2007-2009
Top Ten Lobbying Firms by Lobbying Client Payments, 2007-2009
Sponsor introduced bills become laws in California more often than legislator introduced bills undermining democracy
Lawmakers give away citizens’ money, water, and air to the corporations and lobbyists who pay for them to get elected.In a democracy laws are to be written by legislators elected into office not interest groups who bankroll their election campaigns.
MapLight's Daniel Newman named one of 100 Most Creative People in Business
Fast Company magazine has just released the names of their 100 Most Creative People in Business in their June issue - and we're honored and excited to announce that Dan Newman, co-founder and executive director, has been named to the list!
What's New about Our New Website
After a year of work, we’re thrilled that this week, Sunshine Week, we have launched an all-new version of our website shining a light on money and influence in Congress. All our improvements were the result of listening to what you, our users, wanted. Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!
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