News: Digital Deception

Bloomberg Campaign Blankets Facebook with Political Ads
Since the beginning of the year, former New York City Mayor and presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has spent at least $55.7 million on Facebook ads, according to the company.
Facebook, Google and Twitter’s political ad policies are bad for democracy
As the 2020 election approaches, social media companies shouldn't be self-policing when it comes to political ads.
We Must Address Online Voter Suppression to Protect Our Democracy
The bedrock of a representative democracy is participation. When individuals are prevented from voting — whether through increased physical barriers or through digital deception — that undermines our entire political system.
Zuckerberg and Trump’s Quid Pro Quo
Mark Zuckerberg has rigged the rules of Facebook political advertising, making him complicit in lies and voter manipulation. The result is the most powerful propaganda amplifier in history, boosting campaigns that traffic in falsehoods.
To protect free speech online, we need transparency, not secrecy
As digital political advertising continues to grow without legislative oversight, the disclosure that is so crucial to democratic decision-making is shrinking. Without disclosure, advertisers are able to target minority groups with propaganda to deliberately disenfranchise them or suppress voter turnout.
Facebook, Google and Amazon Pour Money into Policy Shops As Breakup Debates Rage
With calls for big tech companies to be broken up growing louder, Silicon Valley is flooding think tanks and nonprofits in the nation’s capital with cash.
Moving beyond ‘Zuck sucks’
Tech journalists have illuminated the puzzles. Should they help solve them?
Bad actors already want a piece of the 2020 election, and we still haven’t dealt with 2016
As we approach the 2020 election, it seems almost a foregone conclusion that foreign powers or other bad actors will try to use social media to spread false information and influence political campaigns.
Tackling Digital Deception as the 2020 Election Approaches
We lacked the laws and systems to combat deceptive digital politics in 2016, and we have yet to make significant progress with the 2020 election quickly approaching.
The Digital Deception Glossary
We’ve collected and defined some of the terms most commonly used in reference to online political manipulation. If you find yourself having trouble telling your botnets from your troll farms, never fear: MapLight’s digital deception glossary is here.