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Decoder Newsletter: Facebook’s Civil Rights Failures
The Decoder newsletter tracks the most important news, research, and analysis of deceptive digital politics.
Facebook Must Stop Dodging Responsibility for Its Role in Destabilizing Democracy
Incremental policy changes and voter information campaigns are not enough to address problems rooted in Facebook’s platform design and business strategy. Facebook needs to do more—and lawmakers must be ready to hold it to account. 
MapLight Responds to Biden’s Demands for Accountability from Facebook 
Facebook has utterly failed to create a healthy ecosystem for political debate online and instead chosen to erode our democracy by allowing the rampant spread of misinformation and outright lies by politicians.
House to Consider Limits on Microtargeting of Online Political Ads
MapLight is pleased to support two bills introduced in the House of Representatives this week that aim to tackle the threats posed by microtargeting in political advertising.
Facebook’s Political Ad Policies Demand Greater Scrutiny
Facebook has shown itself willing and able to address Covid-19 misinformation, but unwilling to tackle disinformation from politicians on topics that could have serious implications for our democracy and the public interest.
Protecting Democracy During the Infodemic During the Pandemic
Beyond its potentially disastrous consequences for public health, disinformation about the pandemic has become a weapon for organized political actors.
As Most of Country Hunkers Down, Candidates Step Up Facebook Ad Spending
The three presidential contenders who were still in the race at the end of March have spent almost half their total on Facebook ads during the first three months of the year.
Bloomberg Campaign Blankets Facebook with Political Ads
Since the beginning of the year, former New York City Mayor and presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has spent at least $55.7 million on Facebook ads, according to the company.
Facebook, Google and Twitter’s political ad policies are bad for democracy
As the 2020 election approaches, social media companies shouldn't be self-policing when it comes to political ads.
We Must Address Online Voter Suppression to Protect Our Democracy
The bedrock of a representative democracy is participation. When individuals are prevented from voting — whether through increased physical barriers or through digital deception — that undermines our entire political system.