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Pruitt Calendar: Top Republican Donors Press EPA to Move Regional Office to Phoenix
Top Republican donors have been pressing the Environmental Protection Agency to move its regional headquarters from San Francisco to Phoenix.
Emails Show EPA Chief Isn’t Only Republican to Copy-and-Paste Lobbyist Suggestions
South Carolina's attorney general copy-and-pasted language from an energy lobbyist to get him a meeting with the EPA chief.
House Votes to Saddle EPA with Costly, Industry-Friendly Regulations
The U.S. House of Representatives passed two bills in late March that critics say will hamstring the EPA’s regulatory capacity while significantly increasing its annual spending. Industries supporting the legislation, including petroleum, chemicals, and business groups, contributed at least six times more money to legislators who voted in favor of the bills than to those voting against them.
Oil, Gas, and Chemical Money Boosts House Members Pushing to Weaken Clean Air Act
Sponsors of a House measure that would significantly weaken the Clean Air Act received more than two and a half times more campaign money from chemical, oil, and gas interests than other House members, according to a MapLight analysis.
Conservative Group Led By EPA Chief Pruitt Received Dark Money To Battle Environmental Regulations
An organization once led by the nation’s top environmental regulator raised more than $750,000 from conservative dark money groups to battle federal regulators, including officials at the agency he now leads, a MapLight investigation has found.
Is There A Gas Line Near Your House? How Anadarko Petroleum Killed A Bill Forcing Fossil Fuel Companies To Tell Homeowners
After after a gas line linked to an Anadarko Petroleum well ignited a deadly home blast in Colorado, the company moved to fight a new bill that would have forced it to tell Colorado homeowners how close they live to oil and gas operations.
New Energy Secretary Received Nearly $12 Million from Oil and Gas Industry
Rick Perry, who was confirmed by the Senate Thursday as head of the Department of Energy, has received more than $15 million in contributions from the energy and natural resources sector during the course of six campaigns.
EPA Nominee Pruitt Received More Than $350,000 from Energy Sources in Oklahoma Races
President Donald Trump’s choice to lead the Environmental Protection Agency has received $352,946 in contributions from members of the energy and natural resources sector since 2001, according to a MapLight analysis of data from the National Institute of Money in State Politics.
Senators Who Rejected Human-Caused Climate Change Received 7 Times as Much Money from Oil and Gas Interests
As the climate summit in Paris progresses, revisit the January 21, 2015 vote in which Senators voting on Keystone XL did not pass an amendment expressing the sense of Congress that "human activity significantly contributes to climate change." On average, how much money did oil and gas interest groups give to senators who voted for and against the amendment?
Senators Voting to Block EPA Rules Received 17 Times as Much Money from the Coal Mining Industry
Ahead of a climate summit in Paris, the Senate passed joint resolutions on November 17, 2015 to block Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules designed to address climate change.Which 13 senators received more than $100,000 from the coal mining industry and voted to block EPA regulations?