News: Spotlight on California

Despite Concentration of Donations, California Net Neutrality Bill Awaits Brown’s Signature
The 11 California lawmakers who let amendments that would have gutted a landmark net neutrality measure pass through a key committee received almost $1 of every $6 contributed by internet service providers during the current election cycle.
Internet Service Providers Pour $1 Million into California Assembly As Net Neutrality Debate Rages
California’s major internet service providers and their trade association have contributed more than $1 million to members of the California Assembly since January 2017.
Charter School Advocates Spend Record High in CA Governor’s Race
A political committee backed by wealthy donors who support charter schools has spent more than $15 million on the California governor’s race -- the most by any single independent expenditure committee in a California governor’s race since online data has been available.
MapLight Analysis Finds Small Group of Donors Responsible for Oakland Campaign Money
A new MapLight analysis of campaign finance records for Oakland, California found that local candidates raised more than $4 million over the past three election cycles - with the vast majority of funding coming from a minute fraction of the city's overall population.
Oil and Gas Interests Pour $170 Million Into California Political Campaigns Since 2001
A trade association representing oil and gas interests and its members have contributed $170 million to California political campaigns since 2001, according to a new data analysis from MapLight.
As California Mulls Changes to Bail System, Some Democrats Are Boosted by Bail Industry Money
Democrats in the California Assembly who are resisting a plan to eliminate cash bail have received the lion's share of campaign contributions from companies and organizations that are threatened by potential reforms, according to a MapLight analysis.
Latino Caucus May Hold Key to Battle Between Soda Industry, Health Advocates
The soda industry’s deep pockets are a well-known hurdle to taxing sugar-sweetened beverages, but a new MapLight analysis suggests the industry may be directing significant amounts of money to an unexpected faction of the California Legislature: its all-Democratic Latino Caucus.
Dianne Feinstein Raising Money From Health-Care Lobbyists After Dismissing Single-Payer
Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein is raising money from health care lobbyists while progressives push for single-payer health care.
Airbnb Emerges As Newsom Booster in 2018 Bid for Extended Sacramento Lodging
The California governor’s mansion isn’t one of the more than 300 homes and apartments available in Sacramento through Airbnb. Even so, the San Francisco-based company so far appears more committed than anyone to boosting Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s bid for the 2018 Democratic gubernatorial nomination.
The money behind the winners and losers of California’s ballot races
The campaigns for the 17 measures on California’s ballot raised more than $446 million combined. Here is a look at the money behind the biggest winners and losers in those races.