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MapLight Analysis Finds a Small Donor Class Funds Oregon Elections
As Oregon state legislators consider a package of bills to limit the influence of money in politics, a new MapLight report outlines hows megadonors and Portland’s “donor class” have an outsized impact on Oregon elections.
Oil And Gas Companies Fueled Attacks On Colorado’s New Democratic Governor
Two oil and gas companies with extensive interests in Colorado donated $1.7 million to a Republican “dark money” organization last year while it was working to defeat the state’s Democratic candidate for governor, Jared Polis.
New Analysis Finds Outside Groups Poured $15 Million Into 2018 Missouri Elections
A new MapLight analysis of campaign finance records in Missouri found that organizations seeking to influence the 2018 Missouri elections spent more than $15 million on state candidate races and ballot measures.
MapLight President Testifies in Favor of Bill to Increase Local Campaign Finance Transparency
A new bill introduced in California by Assemblyman James Gallagher, R - Yuba City, would increase transparency into campaign finance records at the local level by requiring local election officials to post campaign finance records online within 48 hours of filing deadlines.  
California Ballot Measures – MapLight Follows the Money
With less than two weeks until the 2018 election, contributions to California’s 11 ballot measures have surpassed $350 million.
California Workers & Retirees Are Unwittingly Financing An Anti-Rent-Control Campaign
Campaign finance records show entities controlled by private equity giant Blackstone have been among the biggest sources of cash for opponents of a state ballot initiative to permit rent control measures.
MapLight and NBC Bay Area Highlight Oil and Gas Money in California Politics
An investigation by MapLight and NBC Bay Area found oil and gas interests have poured more than $180 million into California political campaigns since 2001.
Emails Show NRA Lobbyist’s Influence With Florida Gun Regulators
Emails obtained by MapLight illustrate the gun lobby’s enormous influence within the Florida agency handling concealed weapon permits.
Spotlight on New Hampshire
Democracy reform is brewing in New Hampshire, where, in 2019, legislators will introduce a “Voter Dollars” bill to create a voluntary public funding system for state elections.
Despite Concentration of Donations, California Net Neutrality Bill Awaits Brown’s Signature
The 11 California lawmakers who let amendments that would have gutted a landmark net neutrality measure pass through a key committee received almost $1 of every $6 contributed by internet service providers during the current election cycle.