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MapLight Analysis Finds a Small Donor Class Funds Oregon Elections
As Oregon state legislators consider a package of bills to limit the influence of money in politics, a new MapLight report outlines hows megadonors and Portland’s “donor class” have an outsized impact on Oregon elections.
Oil And Gas Companies Fueled Attacks On Colorado’s New Democratic Governor
Two oil and gas companies with extensive interests in Colorado donated $1.7 million to a Republican “dark money” organization last year while it was working to defeat the state’s Democratic candidate for governor, Jared Polis.
New Analysis Finds Outside Groups Poured $15 Million Into 2018 Missouri Elections
A new MapLight analysis of campaign finance records in Missouri found that organizations seeking to influence the 2018 Missouri elections spent more than $15 million on state candidate races and ballot measures.
Emails Show NRA Lobbyist’s Influence With Florida Gun Regulators
Emails obtained by MapLight illustrate the gun lobby’s enormous influence within the Florida agency handling concealed weapon permits.
Spotlight on New Hampshire
Democracy reform is brewing in New Hampshire, where, in 2019, legislators will introduce a “Voter Dollars” bill to create a voluntary public funding system for state elections.
Rick Scott Invested in the Same Financial Firms As Florida’s Pension System
Florida Gov. Rick Scott and his wife have invested at least $18 million in three financial firms managing money for the state’s pension system that Scott oversees -- a situation that intertwines the governor’s personal finances with his responsibility for supervising state employees’ retirement savings.
Ohio, N.J. and California Pension Funds Invested $885 Million in Hedge Fund That Controls National Enquirer Parent
Taxpayers in New Jersey and Ohio have a large financial stake in the owner of the media company that allegedly helped the Trump campaign bury negative stories.
MapLight Suing New Jersey, Chris Christie for Release of Jared Kushner Correspondence
MapLight filed a lawsuit today to force New Jersey officials to release copies of correspondence between former Gov. Chris Christie’s office and senior White House adviser Jared Kushner.
Charter School Advocates Spend Record High in CA Governor’s Race
A political committee backed by wealthy donors who support charter schools has spent more than $15 million on the California governor’s race -- the most by any single independent expenditure committee in a California governor’s race since online data has been available.
During First Year, Pruitt Met With 39 Donors Who Gave $286K to OK Campaigns and PACs
Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt has met during the last year with more than three dozen organizations that donated to his past campaigns and political committees, according to a MapLight analysis.