News: Trump Administration

Interior Nominee And His Lobbying Firm Have Donated Almost $1 Million To Senators
President Donald Trump’s nominee for U.S. Interior Secretary and his former lobbying firm have donated almost $1 million to senators who will vote on his confirmation since 2013.
Net Neutrality Potentially Gains Powerful Foe in Top Justice Candidate
Corporations that have spent millions to gut Obama-era net neutrality laws may soon get more influential help to thwart state measures aimed at protecting consumers from having to pay extra for internet “fast lanes.”
Why Michael Cohen’s Campaign Law Violations Are Crimes
MapLight Senior Fellow and former Federal Election Commission Chair Ann M. Ravel traces the purpose of campaign finance laws following Michael Cohen's guilty plea to having knowingly provided payments in order to influence the election.
Dark Money Group Leading Kavanaugh Confirmation Not Authorized To Operate In D.C.
The secretive dark money organization leading the campaign to confirm President Donald Trump’s latest Supreme Court pick hasn’t been authorized to operate in Washington, D.C., for much of the past year.
IRS Announces Policy Shift Allowing Dark Money Nonprofits to Go Almost Pitch-Black
The Treasury Department announced late Monday that it will stop requiring 501(c)(4) and (c)(6) nonprofit organizations to provide the names of their donors to the Internal Revenue Service.
Infant Formula Makers Sweetened Mother’s Milk of Politics With $60 Million in Lobbying Funds
Three of the largest infant formula companies -- U.S.-based Abbott Laboratories, Swiss-based Nestle, and U.K.-based Reckitt Benckiser -- have spent $60.7 million lobbying U.S. lawmakers and officials during the last decade.
Countries Hosting Trump Businesses Have Added Lobbyists at Rapid Pace Since Inauguration
More than one-third of lobbyists who have registered as foreign agents with the Justice Department since President Donald Trump took office are representing countries with Trump-related business interests.
Four Things to Know About the Next Supreme Court Fight
The public may never know whose money helped secure Gorsuch’s confirmation -- or whose money will ensure a lifetime appointment to the next Trump nominee.
Tobacco Money Fuels Controversial Pro-Trump Policy Group
The country’s second-biggest tobacco company has been a top funder of the controversial “dark money” organization created to promote President Donald Trump’s legislative agenda,
Seven Candidates-Turned-Trump Cabinet Members Continue Spending Campaign Funds
Seven current or former members of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet have spent almost $450,000 in political campaign funds since being confirmed by the U.S. Senate.