Democratic Holdouts On “Medicare For All” Have Received Twice As Much Insurance Industry Cash As Sponsors
Andrew Perez | September 14, 2017
Democratic senators who haven’t signed on to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” proposal have received twice as much cash from the insurance industry as the bill’s sponsors, MapLight has found.
California Political Parties Boosted by Groups Who Also Back Their Opponents
Laura Curlin | September 05, 2017
More than 40 percent of the $60 million raised by California's major political parties during the 2016 cycle came from organizations that gave to both parties, according to a MapLight analysis.
House Panel Members Considering Net Neutrality Repeal Got 3 Times More Donations From ISPs
Frank Bass | August 28, 2017
Four major internet service providers that support a Trump administration plan to eliminate net neutrality rules have outspent online giants such as Facebook, Amazon and Google by a 3-to-1 margin when it comes to contributing money to members of a key House panel.
Congress Weighs Reducing Sweets for the Poor, Even As Industries Provide Campaign Sugar
Margaret Sessa-Hawkins |
Preventing SNAP recipients from buying soda and junk food would dramatically improve public health—but lobbyists for Big Sugar have the financial clout to fight the idea.
Emails Show EPA Chief Isn’t Only Republican to Copy-and-Paste Lobbyist Suggestions
Andrew Perez |
South Carolina's attorney general copy-and-pasted language from an energy lobbyist to get him a meeting with the EPA chief.
House Votes to Saddle EPA with Costly, Industry-Friendly Regulations
Myer Johnson-Potter and Bret Hendry |
The U.S. House of Representatives passed two bills in late March that critics say will hamstring the EPA’s regulatory capacity while significantly increasing its annual spending. Industries supporting the legislation, including petroleum, chemicals, and business groups, contributed at least six times more money to legislators who voted in favor of the bills than to those voting against them.
As California Mulls Changes to Bail System, Some Democrats Are Boosted by Bail Industry Money
Laura Curlin |
Democrats in the California Assembly who are resisting a plan to eliminate cash bail have received the lion's share of campaign contributions from companies and organizations that are threatened by potential reforms, according to a MapLight analysis.
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