Decoder Newsletter: TikTok Saga Continues
Margaret Sessa-Hawkins | August 10, 2020
MapLight's newsletter on deceptive digital politics looks at the escalating battle between the Trump administration and TikTok.
A Graphic Novel to Educate and Inspire
Daniel Newman | August 04, 2020
Fixing our democracy demands both clarity of purpose and the inspiration to focus on the long-term solutions that will return power to We the People.
Decoder Newsletter: Big Tech & Antitrust
Margaret Sessa-Hawkins | July 31, 2020
MapLight's newsletter on deceptive digital politics looks at the congressional hearing on antitrust that included testimony from CEOs of online giants Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple.
MapLight Report Outlines Severe Threats to 2020 Election Integrity
Alec Saslow |
Public confidence in the integrity of the 2020 presidential election is likely to be under siege based on a combination of challenges presented by voting during the COVID-19 pandemic, pre-existing procedural gaps in U.S. election law, and efforts to undermine confidence in vote-by-mail.
MapLight Statement: Reining in Big Tech Means Reforming Section 230
Alec Saslow |
Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple’s market power stems from a number of factors, but right at the top of the list is the immunity internet companies have been granted for content on their sites based on Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act.
Decoder Newsletter: Platform Governance
Hamsini Sridharan |
MapLight's newsletter on deceptive digital politics looks at what comes next after Facebook’s civil rights audit and other key stories in the world of politics and technology.
Decoder Newsletter: Facebook’s Civil Rights Failures
Hamsini Sridharan |
The Decoder newsletter tracks the most important news, research, and analysis of deceptive digital politics.
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