Biggest Banks Gave Big Money to 2020 Democratic Hopeful Campaigns (Except Sanders)
Frank Bass | February 22, 2019
The nation’s 10 biggest financial services companies and their employees have given less money to Bernie Sanders over the last six years than they’ve given to any other current or potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.
Goldman Lobbyist Turned Schumer General Counsel Is Hiding Most Former Clients’ Names
Andrew Perez | February 13, 2019
A former Goldman Sachs lobbyist who now works as the top lawyer for Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., declined to name 19 of his 20 former clients in his financial disclosure last year.
Principles and Policies to Counter Deceptive Digital Politics
Hamsini Sridharan | February 12, 2019
MapLight and the Institute for the Future outline more than 30 concrete proposals—all grounded in the democratic principles of transparency, accountability, standards, coordination, adaptability, and inclusivity--to protect the integrity of the future elections.
Democracy Reform Opponents Received Lion’s Share of 2018 Midterm Corporate PAC Dollars
Frank Bass |
The 206 House members who haven’t agreed to support a major democracy reform package typically received about $150,000 more from corporate political action committees during the midterm elections than sponsors of the measure.
Corporate PAC Donation History For 2020 Democratic Candidates Reveals Few Surprises
Frank Bass |
Half of the leading Democratic candidates accepted six-figure amounts from corporate political action committees during their most recent campaigns. Three Democrats took either no money from corporate PACs or returned more donations than they received
Corporate Trade Organization Increased Donations by 18,000 Percent to Boost Tax Legislation
Frank Bass |
A nonprofit trade association whose members include some of the largest corporations in the nation increased its political donations by more than 18,000 percent in 2017, including a $6 million contribution to a dark money organization with ties to former House Speaker Paul Ryan.
Conservative Legal Interests Funneled $2.7 Million To NRA, Freedom Partners Around Gorsuch Fight
Andrew Perez |
Conservative legal groups linked to President Donald Trump’s top judicial adviser funneled at least $2.6 million to the National Rifle Association and the Koch brothers’ political network around the time the organizations were working to confirm Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.
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