Democrats Cite MapLight In Brief Calling On Supreme Court To Drop Gun Control Case
Andrew Perez | August 20, 2019
An amicus brief calling on the Supreme Court to drop its review of New York City’s gun control rules points to a report from MapLight and the Center for Responsive Politics about the Judicial Crisis Network (JCN), a dark money organization which spent millions to ensure Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.
The Kochs Funded Third Way to Push Free Trade to Democrats: Book
Ryan Grim and Andrew Perez | August 13, 2019
According to the new book “Kochland,” authored by investigative reporter Christopher Leonard, Koch Industries secretly financed a report by Third Way, a corporate-funded group with ties to the centrist wing of the Democratic Party.
The Darkest Money In Washington: Business Groups Spend More On Advocacy And Consulting Than Lobbying
Andrew Perez, Abigail Luke, Tim Zelina | August 06, 2019
Influential corporate trade organizations and nonprofits spent $535 million on lobbying in 2017 and as much as another $675 million on unregulated efforts to influence public policy.
Gun Lobby Loaded Up On Contributions To Block Background Check Loopholes
Abigail Luke |
Senators who haven’t agreed to back a measure to close loopholes in gun background checks have received 30 times more campaign cash from the industry and its supporters than the measure’s sponsors.
Huawei and its U.S. Suppliers Increase Spending on Lobbyists in Face of Trade Deadline
Bergen Smith and Frank Bass |
An executive order banning U.S. companies from dealing with Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies spurred the company and its U.S. suppliers to boost their lobbying expenditures by more than 20 percent during the first half of the year.
More Than Two-Thirds of Obamacare Cosponsors Now Backing Medicare for All Proposal
Tim Zelina and Frank Bass |
The five incumbent House Democrats who cosponsored Obamacare  but who have declined to endorse Medicare-for-All have received an average of $209,000 since 2011 from the 10 largest U.S. health-care companies and five major trade associations.
Hoping for More AOCs, Progressives Target Moderate Democrats with Primary Challengers
Chad Outler and Frank Bass |
Fifteen moderate House Democrats targeted for a 2020 primary by a progressive organization are likely to have a significant financial advantage, having already raised almost $4.8 million this year.
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