Wealthy Opponents Of San Francisco Homeless Services Tax Bankrolled 2016 Tent Ban
Andrew Perez | November 06, 2018
Donors opposing a ballot measure to fund more homeless services in San Francisco with a new tax on its wealthiest companies previously bankrolled a successful 2016 initiative to ban tent encampments in the city.
Corporations Flood Midterms With Money Even While Running Up $1.7 Trillion In Debt
Frank Bass | November 05, 2018
Corporations that are pouring campaign cash into the midterm election cycle have accumulated at least $1.7 trillion dollars in debt, according to a MapLight analysis of Securities and Exchange Commission documents.
Dialysis Giant Stakes Almost 1 Percent of Total Value on CA Ballot Measure
Amari Cowan | November 02, 2018
A California ballot measure that would cap profits for dialysis treatments has emerged as the most expensive opposition campaign in state history, spurring one company to spend almost 1 percent of its total value to defeat the proposition.
How The Few Rule the Many
Daniel Newman |
MapLight President Daniel G. Newman explains in an opinion piece how reforms to our democracy could restore majority rule.
The Avenues for Foreign Influence in U.S. Politics
Alec Saslow |
A new MapLight graphic explores the existing avenues for foreign actors to influence U.S. politics as well as the ways we can begin to repair our system to restore transparency and accountability to elections.
California Ballot Measures – MapLight Follows the Money
Amari Cowan |
With less than two weeks until the 2018 election, contributions to California’s 11 ballot measures have surpassed $350 million.
New MapLight Tool Highlights Campaign Money from Corporate Political Action Committees
Alec Saslow |
MapLight's new online search tool offers a way for the public to quickly and easily find out which federal candidates have taken campaign money from corporate political action committees, or PACs.  
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