Moving beyond ‘Zuck sucks’
Anthony Nadler, Doron Taussig, Hamsini Sridharan | October 10, 2019
Tech journalists have illuminated the puzzles. Should they help solve them?
Oil Industry Money Fuels Opponents of California’s Auto Emissions Standards
Alec Saslow and Bergen Smith | October 04, 2019
Senators who have refused to cosponsor a resolution affirming California’s ability to enforce vehicle fuel economy standards have received almost 15 times more campaign money from major oil and gas interests than lawmakers supporting the measure.
Energy Giants Spend Big on Lobbying to Clear Pipeline Path Through National Forests, Appalachian Trail
Frank Bass | September 25, 2019
A trio of utility giants building a natural gas pipeline that would cut across the Appalachian Trail has spent more than $109 million lobbying federal lawmakers and officials since the project was unveiled five years ago.
Faced With PR Mess, Purdue Hired Firm That Helped BP After Catastrophic 2010 Oil Spill
Andrew Perez and Lee Fang |
Purdue Pharma, the pharmaceutical firm that manufactures OxyContin and allegedly helped fuel widespread addiction to painkillers, has turned to some of the same corporate spin doctors hired by BP after the Deepwater Horizon disaster.
Expect More Health Industry Spin At Thursday’s Democratic Debate
Andrew Perez |
Hospital, drug, and insurance companies battling plans that would cut into their profits by providing health care for all Americans are spending money like it's 2008 again -- and using the same playbook to frame the debate.
As U.S. Regulators Step Up Antitrust Scrutiny, Big Tech Has Increased Lobbying Bandwidth
Frank Bass |
Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Alphabet have spent more than $330 million on attempts to influence federal lawmakers since 2008
DSCC Raked In Cash from Health Care and Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Before Endorsing Hickenlooper
Andrew Perez and Alex Kotch |
Health-care and fossil fuel industry lobbyists raised almost $1.5 million for the DSCC during the first six months of the year.
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