Federal Action and Inaction on Digital Deception
Hamsini Sridharan and Margaret Sessa-Hawkins | May 30, 2019
MapLight examines some of the most relevant pieces of legislation for countering online disinformation and deceptive political advertising making their way through Congress -- including a break down what the bills would do and what prospects they have of passing.
DowDuPont Giving Generously To Congressional Opponents of Chlorpyrifos Ban
Frank Bass | May 22, 2019
Lawmakers sitting out a fight to ban a controversial pesticide linked to brain damage in children and farmworkers have received about 27 times more campaign cash from its primary manufacturer since 2017 than House members pushing for a prohibition.
Secretive Conservative Legal Group Funded By $17 Million Mystery Donor Before Kavanaugh Fight
Andrew Perez and Anna Massoglia | May 17, 2019
The conservative “dark money” organization that spearheaded controversial Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s contentious confirmation received $22 million in anonymous donations in the year before the 2018 court fight.
Former Democratic Senators’ Rural Voter Project Tied To “Medicare For All” Opponents
Andrew Perez |
A “dark money” organization designed to help Democrats win rural votes in 2020 is getting support from anti-“Medicare for All” forces -- and pushing their message with a pair of former Democratic senators.
Major Oil Companies Bankroll Paris Accord Bill Opponents By 3-to-1 Margin
Frank Bass |
House members who opposed a measure to block the Trump administration from abandoning an international agreement to mitigate climate change received three times more money from the nation’s major oil and gas companies than the bill’s supporters.
Family Fund Gifted $3.2 Million to Conservative Nonprofits During DeVos’ First Year in Office
Andrew Perez and Frank Bass |
A foundation funded by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and her billionaire husband gave or pledged almost $3.2 million to conservative nonprofits during her first year in office, including gifts to politically oriented organizations that favor school choice, oppose abortion, and question the urgency in mitigating climate change.
MapLight’s Guide to Political Ad Transparency on Facebook, Twitter, and Google
Margaret Sessa-Hawkins and Hamsini Sridharan |
Explore MapLight's guide to social media political advertising databases active in the United States.
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