MapLight Urges Senate Judiciary Committee to Oppose Sen. Graham’s Bill Limiting Social Media Companies’ Ability to Fight Disinformation
Viviana Padelli | September 30, 2020
MapLight joined more than a dozen civil society organizations in calling on members of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary to oppose the Online Content Policy Modernization Act, which would hamper online platforms' ability to counter disinformation.
Decoder Newsletter: Is Social Media Election-Ready?
Margaret Sessa-Hawkins and Viviana Padelli | September 28, 2020
MapLight's newsletter on deceptive digital politics looks at whether social media companies have put in place enough protections to help safeguard against misinformation as the 2020 election approaches.
Facebook Remains Haven for Flood of Misleading, False Ads About Mail-In Balloting
Bergen Smith and Frank Bass |
Even as Facebook touts its efforts to curb misinformation that threatens to cast the legitimacy of the 2020 election into doubt, false advertisements and posts about mail-in voting continue to appear on the website.
MapLight Launches New Tools to Combat Misinformation Ahead of 2020 Election
Alec Saslow |
MapLight has launched new tools to combat the spread of false and deceptive election-related information ahead of the 2020 election, including a browser plug-in called the Election Deception Tracker as well as a Text-to-Report line for misleading information.
Download the Election Deception Tracker: A New Tool to Fight Online Misinformation
Alec Saslow |
The Election Deception Tracker from MapLight allows anyone to quickly and easily report deceptive or problematic election-related information on Facebook to help protect the election and reduce the spread of false information online. 
Decoder Newsletter: Climate Change & Combating Misinformation
Margaret Sessa-Hawkins |
MapLight's newsletter on deceptive digital politics looks at how false stories about the Oregon fires are still spreading on Facebook and new tools aimed at combating misinformation as the election approaches.
Decoder Newsletter: Partisanship & Section 230 Reform
Margaret Sessa-Hawkins |
MapLight's newsletter on deceptive digital politics looks at the shortcomings of a newly-introduced Senate bill aiming to reform Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.
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