My New Graphic Novel: Unrig: How to Fix Our Broken Democracy
Daniel Newman | November 20, 2019
"Unrig: How to Fix our Broken Democracy" is an upcoming graphic novel by MapLight President Daniel G. Newman. The book is part of the World Citizen Comics line from First Second of Macmillan Publishing.
Top Democratic Consultants Have Worked For Anti-Medicare for All Campaign
Andrew Perez | November 19, 2019
As health insurance, pharmaceutical and hospital companies fight to prevent more politicians from backing Medicare for All, the industry’s front group has turned to top Democratic consulting firms and pro-business nonprofits for help, according to its 2018 tax return.
Big Pharma Keeps Bankrolling House GOP’s Dark Money Arm
Andrew Perez and Brittany Gibson | November 15, 2019
America’s top drug lobby has continued bankrolling an influential Republican dark money organization spearheading the fight to defeat proposals to guarantee health care for all Americans.
Huawei Lobbyist Disavowed by Trump Has Given $70,000 to Campaign Committees
Bergen Smith |
Michael Esposito, the lobbyist for a Chinese telecommunications giant whom President Trump has denied knowing, has given more than $70,000 to campaign committees supporting the Republican president.
To protect free speech online, we need transparency, not secrecy
Ann M. Ravel |
As digital political advertising continues to grow without legislative oversight, the disclosure that is so crucial to democratic decision-making is shrinking. Without disclosure, advertisers are able to target minority groups with propaganda to deliberately disenfranchise them or suppress voter turnout.
Facebook, Google and Amazon Pour Money into Policy Shops As Breakup Debates Rage
Andrew Perez and Tim Zelina |
With calls for big tech companies to be broken up growing louder, Silicon Valley is flooding think tanks and nonprofits in the nation’s capital with cash.
As Customers Lose Electrical Power, Bankrupt Utility Continues to Pay for Political Power
Frank Bass |
Pacific Gas & Electric, the California utility that’s shutting off power to hundreds of thousands of people to avoid sparking more catastrophic wildfires, has given almost $150,000 to federal candidates since filing for bankruptcy protection earlier this year.
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