Charter School Advocates Spend Record High in CA Governor’s Race
Alec Saslow | May 29, 2018
A political committee backed by wealthy donors who support charter schools has spent more than $15 million on the California governor’s race -- the most by any single independent expenditure committee in a California governor’s race since online data has been available.
Chris Christie Blocks Disclosure Of His Office’s Emails With Jared Kushner’s Company
Andrew Perez | May 24, 2018
Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is blocking requests for copies of his office’s correspondence with the real estate company previously managed by Jared Kushner, President Trump's son-in-law.
Worried About Grade School Security, EPA Limited Pruitt’s Earth Day Audience to Timber Execs
Andrew Perez | May 21, 2018
A timber executive organized a secret Earth Day visit to an elementary school for Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, according to emails and text messages reviewed by MapLight.
Retiring Lawmakers Have Added $32.8 Million to Campaign Treasuries Since Last Election
Frank Bass |
More than five dozen congressmen who have retired or plan to retire next year have raised at least $32.8 million since the 2016 election, according to a MapLight analysis of campaign data. The 64 departing senators and representatives have accumulated $95.1 million in campaign funds.
Trump Judicial Adviser Linked To $1 Million Anonymous Inaugural Donation
Andrew Perez |
A conservative lawyer who advises President Donald Trump on judicial nominations appears to be linked to an anonymous limited liability company that donated $1 million to the Trump inaugural committee, according to campaign finance records.
Ethics Experts Say Scott Pruitt Reimbursements Raise Questions About Double-Dipping
Andrew Perez |
Oklahoma campaign finance records suggest Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt may have been reimbursed twice for items he purchased while serving as the state’s attorney general, experts say.
Mirror, Mirror, On the AG’s Wall. And Six Years Later, Also On Pruitt’s Expense Account.
Andrew Perez |
A reimbursement request from Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt during his last week as Oklahoma’s attorney general provides more evidence that Pruitt is more frugal with his own money than with public funds.
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