Southern Co. Joins Dow, CVS in Cutting Off Support for Pro-Trump Dark Money Organization
Andrew Perez | June 03, 2018
Three major corporate donors to a pro-Trump nonprofit whose officials have expressed racist, anti-Muslim, and anti-Semitic sentiments announced this weekend they would stop giving money to the dark money organization.
Southern Co., CVS, Dow Chemical Funding Trump Dark Money Group Tied to Racist, Anti-Semitic Views
Andrew Perez | May 31, 2018
Three Fortune 500 companies have donated at least $1.6 million to a controversial pro-Trump “dark money” organization that’s been criticized for racist, sexist, homophobic, and anti-Muslim sentiments expressed by its staff.
Charter School Advocates Spend Record High in CA Governor’s Race
Alec Saslow | May 29, 2018
A political committee backed by wealthy donors who support charter schools has spent more than $15 million on the California governor’s race -- the most by any single independent expenditure committee in a California governor’s race since online data has been available.
Chris Christie Blocks Disclosure Of His Office’s Emails With Jared Kushner’s Company
Andrew Perez |
Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is blocking requests for copies of his office’s correspondence with the real estate company previously managed by Jared Kushner, President Trump's son-in-law.
Worried About Grade School Security, EPA Limited Pruitt’s Earth Day Audience to Timber Execs
Andrew Perez |
A timber executive organized a secret Earth Day visit to an elementary school for Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, according to emails and text messages reviewed by MapLight.
Retiring Lawmakers Have Added $32.8 Million to Campaign Treasuries Since Last Election
Frank Bass |
More than five dozen congressmen who have retired or plan to retire next year have raised at least $32.8 million since the 2016 election, according to a MapLight analysis of campaign data. The 64 departing senators and representatives have accumulated $95.1 million in campaign funds.
Trump Judicial Adviser Linked To $1 Million Anonymous Inaugural Donation
Andrew Perez |
A conservative lawyer who advises President Donald Trump on judicial nominations appears to be linked to an anonymous limited liability company that donated $1 million to the Trump inaugural committee, according to campaign finance records.
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