U.S. Multinationals Benefiting from GOP Tax Overhaul Spent $82 Million Lobbying This Year
Abigail George and Laura Curlin | December 21, 2017
U.S.-based multinational corporations that stand to benefit from a system that gives preferential treatment to foreign income have spent more than $82 million on lobbying in Washington since the beginning of the year.
Trump and Cabinet Heirs Stand to Gain More Than $20.7 Million from Estate Tax Change
Tamara Straus | December 20, 2017
People who inherit money from President Trump and 10 Cabinet members will reap at least $20.7 million in estate tax savings as a direct result of the GOP overhaul of the tax code, according to a MapLight analysis of financial disclosures filed with the Office of Government Ethics.
Top Corker Aide Could Reap Windfall From Controversial Real Estate Provision In Tax Bill
Andrew Perez, David Sirota, Josh Keefe | December 18, 2017
The top aide to Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., has major investments in a real estate business that could benefit from a key provision slipped into the Republican tax bill that his boss will be voting on, according to federal documents reviewed by International Business Times and MapLight.
Ten Super PAC Donors Could Save $150 Million with Tax-Deductible Contributions Through ‘Johnson Amendment’ Repeal
MapLight |
The 10 biggest contributors to super PACs in the 2016 election could have saved $150 million by making tax-deductible donations to nonprofits due to a proposed overhaul of the U.S. tax code, according to a MapLight analysis of Open Secrets data.
As Millions of Americans Spent Time Commenting on Net Neutrality, Internet Providers Spent $1.12 For Each Comment
Frank Bass |
Three of the largest internet service providers and their trade association have spent at least $26.3 million on lobbying the federal government since April 1 -- about $1.12 for every public comment filed with the government on a repeal of net neutrality rules.
Deluge of Last-Minute Money Narrows Moore’s Financial Gap in Tight Alabama Senate Race
Margaret Sessa-Hawkins |
A late spending spree by outside conservative organizations is helping narrow the financial gap between former U.S. Attorney Doug Jones and his Republican opponent, former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore.
Foreign Lobbyists Contributed More Than $4.5 Million to Candidates in 2016 Elections
Andrew Perez, David Sirota, Jay Cassano |
Data compiled by MapLight and the International Business Times illustrates that foreign government lobbyists are delivering millions of dollars of campaign cash to elected officials in Washington.
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