The $64 Question: Lawmakers Supporting Assault Weapons Ban Get 130 Times Less Gun Money
Alec Saslow and Laura Curlin | March 08, 2018
House members who have not shown support for a ban on assault weapons received more than 130 times more campaign money from pro-gun interests during the last election cycle than members who support a ban.
Republican Attorneys General Call On Revolving Door Cases For Advice
Andrew Perez | February 21, 2018
Last month, an association of Republican top law enforcement chiefs brought together a group of state officials-turned-lobbyists to advise conservative attorney general hopefuls how to staff and lead a business-friendly office if they get elected.
MapLight Analysis Finds Small Group of Donors Responsible for Oakland Campaign Money
Laura Curlin | February 20, 2018
A new MapLight analysis of campaign finance records for Oakland, California found that local candidates raised more than $4 million over the past three election cycles - with the vast majority of funding coming from a minute fraction of the city's overall population.
Money, Guns, and Politics: Five Facts About National Rifle Association Spending
Laura Curlin |
The National Rifle Association and its employees have contributed $160,400 so far to candidates running for federal office in the 2018 election cycle. Almost all of the contributions -- 97 percent -- went to Republicans. During the 2016 cycle, they contributed $828,000.
Even Before $400 Million Midterm Effort, Koch-Linked Organization Has Been Spending Heavily
Margaret Sessa-Hawkins |
A constellation of political organizations funded by billionaires Charles and David Koch plans to spend almost $400 million to support conservative causes and candidates during the 2018 election cycle. Their flagship organization, however, has already been shoveling money out the door.
Oil and Gas Interests Pour $170 Million Into California Political Campaigns Since 2001
Laura Curlin |
A trade association representing oil and gas interests and its members have contributed $170 million to California political campaigns since 2001, according to a new data analysis from MapLight.
GOP Law Enforcement Chiefs Invited Donors To Help Set Policy Via Secret Bulletin Board
Andrew Perez and Lee Fang |
An association of top Republican law enforcement officials has created a secret online bulletin board called the "Briefing Room" that's allowing big donors to help shape legal policy, according to records reviewed by MapLight and The Intercept.
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