Amid Secrecy Dispute, Fistful of Schedule B Forms Shows Power of Big Political Dollars
Frank Bass | February 04, 2018
A heavily redacted section in AAN’s annual tax return known as a Schedule B shows the conservative organization made it through an entire year without receiving a single donation smaller than $5,000. The AAN reported receiving almost $14.6 million in contributions and grants during its 2015-16 tax year, with a single $5.9 million contribution amounting for more than one-third of all donations.
Key Dark Money Figure Takes Reins Of RNC Treasury
Margaret Sessa-Hawkins | February 02, 2018
An influential financier who opposed Donald Trump’s campaign before swinging the support of one of the largest dark money organizations in the nation to the president has been named to take over the finances of the Republican National Committee.
Koch-Linked Dark Money Organization Declines Release of 2014, 2015 Contributions List
Margaret Sessa-Hawkins | January 30, 2018
A week after announcing its refusal to release a section of its 2016 tax return that could be used to determine the number of large donations it received, the flagship political organization of the billionaire libertarian Koch brothers indicated it would also attempt to shield basic information about its 2014 and 2015 contributions from public view.
Republican AGs Formed “Working Group” To Partner With Trump Administration
Andrew Perez |
Top Republican state law enforcement officials have created a "working group" to partner with the Trump administration as it attempts to roll back federal regulations, according to documents obtained by MapLight.
Dark Money, Nonprofit Experts: Koch Organization Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Hide Contribution Amounts
Margaret Sessa-Hawkins and Andrew Perez |
A conservative dark money organization tied to the billionaire libertarian Koch brothers shouldn't be allowed to hide the size of its donations from public view, according to campaign finance and nonprofit experts.
Report: Bringing Fair Elections to Berkeley
Hamsini Sridharan |
A new report by MapLight tells the story of a successful 2016 campaign to reform local elections in Berkeley, California, showing how individuals can improve their government. With the 2018 elections on the horizon, the report provides tips for activists who want to improve democracy in their own communities by creating public financing programs for elections.
Koch-Linked Dark Money Organization Seals 2016 Tax Return Section From Public Scrutiny
Margaret Sessa-Hawkins and Andrew Perez |
Americans for Prosperity, the flagship political vehicle of billionaire libertarian brothers Charles and David Koch, is refusing to disclose a section of its 2016 tax return that would reveal amounts donated by individual contributors. MapLight has filed a formal complaint with the IRS.
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