Facing Capitol Hill Interrogations, Facebook Will Find If Campaign Cash Bought Friends
Frank Bass and Laura Curlin | April 06, 2018
Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, will discover this week if millions in political campaign contributions prevents him from being unfriended on Capitol Hill as the company struggles to regain its reputation in the wake of a devastating privacy scandal.
Google ‘Preferred Partnerships,’ Embeds and ‘Ideation Sessions’ Move Digital Ad Industry Deeper into Political Turf
Margaret Sessa-Hawkins and Andrew Perez | April 03, 2018
Last March, the American Action Network, a dark money organization associated with House Speaker Paul Ryan, announced it had entered into a “preferred partnership” with Google.
Donors Lobbying EPA Gave $181K to Pruitt Oklahoma Committees, Now Reaping Benefits
Andrew Perez and Laura Curlin | April 02, 2018
As an Oklahoma politician, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt received $181,000 in political contributions from donors who lobbied the EPA last year, according to a MapLight review.
Coal Giant Aims to Head Off Criticism of Trump Greenhouse Gas Plan At Wyoming Hearing
Andrew Perez |
After a trio of high-profile public hearings that have featured heavy criticism of the Trump administration’s plan to repeal limits on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, the nation's third-largest coal producer is taking steps to avoid a fourth round of attacks.
The $64 Question: Lawmakers Supporting Assault Weapons Ban Get 130 Times Less Gun Money
Alec Saslow and Laura Curlin |
House members who have not shown support for a ban on assault weapons received more than 130 times more campaign money from pro-gun interests during the last election cycle than members who support a ban.
Republican Attorneys General Call On Revolving Door Cases For Advice
Andrew Perez |
Last month, an association of Republican top law enforcement chiefs brought together a group of state officials-turned-lobbyists to advise conservative attorney general hopefuls how to staff and lead a business-friendly office if they get elected.
MapLight Analysis Finds Small Group of Donors Responsible for Oakland Campaign Money
Laura Curlin |
A new MapLight analysis of campaign finance records for Oakland, California found that local candidates raised more than $4 million over the past three election cycles - with the vast majority of funding coming from a minute fraction of the city's overall population.
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