Money, Guns, and Politics: Five Facts About National Rifle Association Spending
Laura Curlin | February 16, 2018
The National Rifle Association and its employees have contributed $160,400 so far to candidates running for federal office in the 2018 election cycle. Almost all of the contributions -- 97 percent -- went to Republicans. During the 2016 cycle, they contributed $828,000.
Even Before $400 Million Midterm Effort, Koch-Linked Organization Has Been Spending Heavily
Margaret Sessa-Hawkins | February 15, 2018
A constellation of political organizations funded by billionaires Charles and David Koch plans to spend almost $400 million to support conservative causes and candidates during the 2018 election cycle. Their flagship organization, however, has already been shoveling money out the door.
Oil and Gas Interests Pour $170 Million Into California Political Campaigns Since 2001
Laura Curlin | February 14, 2018
A trade association representing oil and gas interests and its members have contributed $170 million to California political campaigns since 2001, according to a new data analysis from MapLight.
GOP Law Enforcement Chiefs Invited Donors To Help Set Policy Via Secret Bulletin Board
Andrew Perez and Lee Fang |
An association of top Republican law enforcement officials has created a secret online bulletin board called the "Briefing Room" that's allowing big donors to help shape legal policy, according to records reviewed by MapLight and The Intercept.
Amid Secrecy Dispute, Fistful of Schedule B Forms Shows Power of Big Political Dollars
Frank Bass |
A heavily redacted section in AAN’s annual tax return known as a Schedule B shows the conservative organization made it through an entire year without receiving a single donation smaller than $5,000. The AAN reported receiving almost $14.6 million in contributions and grants during its 2015-16 tax year, with a single $5.9 million contribution amounting for more than one-third of all donations.
Key Dark Money Figure Takes Reins Of RNC Treasury
Margaret Sessa-Hawkins |
An influential financier who opposed Donald Trump’s campaign before swinging the support of one of the largest dark money organizations in the nation to the president has been named to take over the finances of the Republican National Committee.
Koch-Linked Dark Money Organization Declines Release of 2014, 2015 Contributions List
Margaret Sessa-Hawkins |
A week after announcing its refusal to release a section of its 2016 tax return that could be used to determine the number of large donations it received, the flagship political organization of the billionaire libertarian Koch brothers indicated it would also attempt to shield basic information about its 2014 and 2015 contributions from public view.
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