Emails Show EPA Chief Isn’t Only Republican to Copy-and-Paste Lobbyist Suggestions
Andrew Perez | August 25, 2017
South Carolina's attorney general copy-and-pasted language from an energy lobbyist to get him a meeting with the EPA chief.
House Votes to Saddle EPA with Costly, Industry-Friendly Regulations
Myer Johnson-Potter and Bret Hendry | August 23, 2017
The U.S. House of Representatives passed two bills in late March that critics say will hamstring the EPA’s regulatory capacity while significantly increasing its annual spending. Industries supporting the legislation, including petroleum, chemicals, and business groups, contributed at least six times more money to legislators who voted in favor of the bills than to those voting against them.
As California Mulls Changes to Bail System, Some Democrats Are Boosted by Bail Industry Money
Laura Curlin | August 10, 2017
Democrats in the California Assembly who are resisting a plan to eliminate cash bail have received the lion's share of campaign contributions from companies and organizations that are threatened by potential reforms, according to a MapLight analysis.
Banking Industry Gave Four Times More to GOP Sponsors of Bill to Curb Consumer Lawsuits
Ashleigh McEvoy |
The 35 Republican House members who sponsored legislation that allows companies to bar customers from joining class-action lawsuits have received more than four times as much in contributions from the commercial banking industry as lawmakers who oppose the idea, according to a MapLight analysis of OpenSecrets data.
Nation’s Biggest Lobbying Organization Plans 2018 Meeting At Trump-Owned Miami Resort
Margaret Sessa-Hawkins |
Executives at U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the nation’s most powerful business lobby, will meet at a Trump hotel in Miami next year, according to the organization’s website. Since Trump’s inauguration, the chamber has spent almost $40 million lobbying the administration, including the White House and the president’s top advisors.
Average Trump Cabinet Member Stands to Gain Potential $313K From Tax Repeal
Frank Bass |
Legislation being debated this week by the U.S. Senate could save top members of the Trump administration an average of six figures on their annual tax bills if it includes a full repeal of former President Barack Obama’s signature health care reform law, according to a MapLight analysis.
Oil, Gas, and Chemical Money Boosts House Members Pushing to Weaken Clean Air Act
Matthew Weis |
Sponsors of a House measure that would significantly weaken the Clean Air Act received more than two and a half times more campaign money from chemical, oil, and gas interests than other House members, according to a MapLight analysis.
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