Latino Caucus May Hold Key to Battle Between Soda Industry, Health Advocates
Bret Hendry | May 11, 2017
The soda industry’s deep pockets are a well-known hurdle to taxing sugar-sweetened beverages, but a new MapLight analysis suggests the industry may be directing significant amounts of money to an unexpected faction of the California Legislature: its all-Democratic Latino Caucus.
Beneficiaries of $14.4 Billion Over Last Decade, Tax Lobbyists Ready for Trump Bonanza
Frank Bass |
The nation’s tax lobbying industry, already the second-largest source of arm-twisting activity on Capitol Hill, could see its biggest payday in more than three decades if President Donald Trump’s plan to slash corporate taxes is taken seriously by lawmakers.
Banks Gave Big to Lawmakers Voting to Weaken Financial, Consumer Protections
Alec Saslow | May 04, 2017
A House committee passed the Financial CHOICE Act today, approving a bill that would gut significant parts of the landmark Wall Street reform law passed in the wake of the financial crisis. The measure now heads to the full House of Representatives for a vote.
Dianne Feinstein Raising Money From Health-Care Lobbyists After Dismissing Single-Payer
Andrew Perez |
Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein is raising money from health care lobbyists while progressives push for single-payer health care.
Long Overlooked, Case That Laid Foundation For Citizens United Marks Tenth Anniversary
Margaret Sessa-Hawkins |
Argued 10 years ago this week, the Supreme Court's decision in Federal Election Commission vs. Wisconsin Right to Life opened the floodgates for more money in politics by letting corporations pay for “electioneering communications,” advertisements aired within 60 days of an election that mention candidates by name.
Boosted by $30 Million During Campaign, Trump Will Thank NRA By Speaking at Convention
Ashleigh McEvoy |
Donald Trump, who was buoyed as a candidate by $30 million from the gun lobby, will become the first president in more than three decades to address the annual convention of the National Rifle Association.
Corporate Lobbyists Funnel Cash To House Democrats Amid Push To Pass Trump’s Business Initiatives
Andrew Perez |
Corporate lobbyists are taking on a larger role in the Democratic Party’s fundraising efforts as it seeks to regain control of Congress.
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