HR 4173 Conferees Received Nearly $6 Million from Wall Street Over Last 2 Years
Emily Calhoun | June 10, 2010
June 10, 2010 - House members selected to represent their chamber during the conference negotiations on the Wall Street reform bill (HR 4173) received $5.6 million in campaign contributions from financial and non-health insurance interests over the past two years.
Opponents of Debit Card Reforms Gave Twice as Much Money to CA State Senators Voting No
Emily Calhoun | June 07, 2010
The opposition to the consumer-friendly SB 933 gave 236% more money to Senators voting in favor of their interests.
Agribusiness Give 80% More Money to Republicans Voting No on SB 1121
Emily Calhoun | June 04, 2010
June 4, 2010 - Republican State Senators vote with their donors to defend agricultural employer interests.
Unused Balances on Gift Cards are Big Business for Small Business
admin |
June 4, 2010 - An estimated $5 billion in cash was left unused on gift cards in 2009. Groups that get to hold on to that money were able to beat back a provision that would have allowed more of that cash to be put into the pockets of consumers.
Plastic Bag Ban Passes the Assembly Despite Influence of Opposing Industries
Owen Poindexter |
On Wednesday, June 2, the Assembly passed (AB 1998) a bill that would eliminate single-use plastic bags from supermarkets, convenience stores and large stores that include a pharmacy. Industry groups opposing the bill were unable to prevent its passage, their clout was evident in the votes cast by Assemblymembers. Three Democrats joined Republicans in voting against the bill. The three Democrats who opposed the bill received nearly double the average of those supporting.
US Chamber of Commerce and Industry Coalition of Major Donors Oppose DISCLOSE Act
Emily Calhoun |
June 2, 2010 - The US Chamber of Commerce was joined by a coalition of industry trade organizations in opposition to a bill that would establish new campaign finance disclosure rules. In the wake of the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling, legislators - expecting unprecedented levels of spending by special interest groups - are seeking to require organizations running political ads to disclose their donors.
Senate DISCLOSE Act Conferees Received over $15M from Financial Interests Over The Last 6 Years
Emily Calhoun |
May 25, 2010 - The Senate has named its committee members appointed to negotiate in conference with the House on the Financial Reform bill.
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