Committee Dems Voting No to Tougher Finance Regulations Received Twice as much Money
admin | November 19, 2009
November 19, 2009 - The House Financial Services Committee voted yesterday to give regulators the authority to break up large financial firms that create too much systemic risk, in an effort to prevent future financial crises. The vote passed by a 38-29 margin, but three Democrats joined with all Republicans voting no. Those three Democrats--Melissa Bean (D-IL), Dan Maffei (D-NY), and Gregory Meeks (D-NY)--received an average of $99,483 from banks' PACs in the last two years, 119% more than the average of $45,358 received by the 38 Democrats voting for tougher regulation.
Dems Voting to Exempt Auto Dealers from Financial Oversight Receive More Money
admin | November 05, 2009
November 4, 2009 - The House Financial Services Committee marked up and voted on the Consumer Financial Protection Act (H.R. 3126) in late October. Roll call votes on the bill were largely along party lines, with the exception of Amendment #24, sponsored by Rep. John Campbell [R-CA] and Rep. Bill Posey [R-FL], where 19 Democrats broke party lines to vote with 28 Republicans to exclude auto dealers from oversight by the proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA).
Senators supporting public option received half as much money from health insurers
admin | October 09, 2009
October 8, 2009 - Earlier today, 30 Senators wrote to Majority Leader Harry Reid, asking him to ensure that the Senate's final health care reform bill include a public insurance option. All Senators who signed the letter were either Democrats or Independents that caucus with the Democrats.The 30 Senators who signed the letter in support of the public option received an average of $15,937...
Committee Dems Voting Against Public Option Received Twice as Much Money from Health Insurers as Dems Voting Against Industry
admin |
September 30, 2009 - The Senate Finance Committee voted on two amendments yesterday that would have added a public option to the health care bill currently under debate. The two votes fell largely along party lines but there were some Democrats that joined with Republicans to vote "No" to kill both amendments.
Dems Voting with Big Pharma Received Four Times As Much Pharma Money than Dems Voting No
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September 29, 2009 - Three Democrats in the Senate Finance Committee joined with all 10 Committee Republicans on Thursday to defeat an amendment to the Baucus health care bill, voting in favor of pharmaceutical industry interests. Those three Democrats—Committee Chair Max Baucus (MT), Thomas Carper (DE), and Robert Menéndez (NJ)—received an average of $197,591 from pharmaceutical manufacturing interests (January 2003 - June 2009), 4.2 times as much as the average of $46,585 received by the 10 Senate Finance Committee Democrats voting against Big Pharma.
Blue Dog Dems Receive More Health Insurance Funds than House Republicans
Pamela Behrsin |
August 11, 2008 - Blue Dog Dems received more funds from the health insurance industry than House Republicans did, a analysis showed. The analysis compared the average amounts given to each legislator in the 2008 election cycle, using data from the Center for Responsive Politics.The health insurance industry gave each Blue Dog Dem, on average, $7,567.
HELP Committee Vote Lines Up With Big Pharma Interests
Emily Calhoun |
July 29, 2009 - On June 25, during the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) markup session of the health care reform bill, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) offered an amendment that would improve consumer access to imported prescription drugs. Specifically, this amendment would:Remove the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) limitations on prescription drugs that have been imported from outside the United States;
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