News articles related to ""dark money""

Koch-Linked Dark Money Organization Seals 2016 Tax Return Section From Public Scrutiny
Americans for Prosperity, the flagship political vehicle of billionaire libertarian brothers Charles and David Koch, is refusing to disclose a section of its 2016 tax return that would reveal amounts donated by individual contributors. MapLight has filed a formal complaint with the IRS.
MapLight Reveals Dark Money Influence on the Supreme Court Nomination Process
The Gorsuch nomination reveals that the Trump administration is taking advantage of a loophole in U.S. campaign finance law that allows elected officials to coordinate their agendas with nonprofit organizations that aren’t required to disclose their donors to the public.
In U.S. Senate races with the most dark money, Republicans dominate
Republicans won seven of the eight U.S. Senate races that had received the most dark money — money from groups that don’t have to disclose their donors. As of late October, Conservative groups provided 68 percent of the more than $80 million in dark money spent in those contests to help the GOP maintain its Senate majority.
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