News articles related to ""dark money""

Long Overlooked, Case That Laid Foundation For Citizens United Marks Tenth Anniversary
Argued 10 years ago this week, the Supreme Court's decision in Federal Election Commission vs. Wisconsin Right to Life opened the floodgates for more money in politics by letting corporations pay for “electioneering communications,” advertisements aired within 60 days of an election that mention candidates by name.
Focus on political reform shifts to states, cities
In the wake of stunning election returns, it seems that everything is on the table. Everything, that is, except perhaps campaign finance reform. Treated as an afterthought during a grueling 18-month campaign, the issue of money in politics is likely to gain more traction at the state and local level than in the nation’s capital.
Wall Street Firms Make Money From Teachers’ Pensions — And Fund Charter Schools
An International Business Times/Maplight investigation has found that executives at 8 financial firms contracted to manage Massachusetts state pension assets have bypassed anti-corruption rules and funneled at least $778,000 to groups backing a ballot measure which would expand the number of charter schools in the state.
Soda Tax Ballot Battles Bubble Over With Super-Sized Contributions
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose bid to ban larger sizes of sodas and other sugar-sweetened drinks in the nation’s largest city earned him a Bronx cheer from the state’s highest court, has given almost $10 million this year to support a pair of Bay Area initiatives that would increase taxes on the beverages.
Soda Tax Fundraising Flat — For Now
Has the fight over soda taxes gone flat? Fundraising by campaigns battling over taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages in four U.S. cities has topped the seven-figure mark, but still falls far short of the dollars spent on the last two major soda tax initiatives, according to a MapLight analysis.
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