Advance reform in your state or city

At MapLight, we believe it’s possible to reform our political processes to build a democracy that works for the people—at every level of government.

Policies we support

We promote policies that reduce the influence of money in politics and give more power to people like you. That includes:

  • Greater disclosure and transparency, so the public knows who’s spending to influence elections;
  • Reasonable limits on contributions to candidates, so the wealthy don’t have disproportionate voice in politics;
  • Systems for public funding of elections, so candidates can run on the strength of their ideas and not their access to wealth; and
  • Other reforms that make government more representative and responsive.

How we can help

If you’re an activist seeking to make change in your state or local government, we can help by:

  • Analyzing campaign finance data and producing reports to help you make the case for reform at home;
  • Providing research and recommendations on what types of policies are most effective; and
  • Sharing best practices and messaging research for running a successful campaign for reform.

For examples of how we’ve helped groups around the country improve democracy, read this post on our blog, and check out our findings on money in politics in Oakland, California.

Contact us today to get started: use the form on this page, or email takeaction@maplight.org.


Let us help your campaign to build a stronger democracy.